Zionist Neocons Offered BNP Bribe to Ignore Zionist Power & Only Attack Islam

Nick Griffin of the British National Party relays a story about how US neocons tried and failed to bribe the BNP (in 2007) to omit any critiques of Israel, Jewish power and the banking system, and to only focus on attacking Islam. Having failed to co-opt the BNP, these same Zionist neocons funded two kosher-controlled opposition groups in Britain, the English Defense League and British Freedom Party, created a few junk Ziocon think-tanks and at least one Ziocon website. I’m sure similar bribes are happening in other European countries to co-opt nationalism for Zionist purposes.

Here is Nick Griffin’s expose of the EDL’s Zionist origins and funding.

Griffin’s presentation seems to be based on this research.

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