Imperialism Has Been the West’s Undoing


In response to a commenter who argued that,

Americanization and Europeanization [of foreign countries] is a “good thing,” but only to the degree that this represents actual progress in civilization and morality and not degeneracy and perversion

I replied:

No, I’m not a cultural imperialist, so making other countries “more like us” is not a “good thing” at all. Americanization equals more Walmarts, MacDonalds, GMOs, degen pop and rap music, transgenderism, lesbianism, greed and avaricious attitudes, money-mad economics, etc. Americanization is what is destroying Europe and the world. America (and those financial elites who control it) is the leading force of globalization, enforcing the melting pot model on the whole world. When it comes to the Middle East, “Americanization” or “democratization” generally is a neocon euphemism for “forcing Arab/Muslim countries to become more friendly to Jews and Israel” and more open to the whims of international finance and plunderous multinational corporations.

The downfall of the West has been its imperial overreach and attempts to “Christianize” or “civilize” others. Now this legacy of imperialism and expansion is coming back to haunt the West as the Brown and Black peoples they formerly colonized are flooding into Western countries (facilitated by the Kalergiite elites ruling the West). The European colonialists foolishly forced their subjects to speak European languages and to assimilate into European culture which is why it is so much easier for them to now come to Europe (equipped with European language and some culture as well) and then demand privileges based on colonial grievances. The West is its own undoing in this respect.

Western foreign policy is probably the worst aspect of the West. Western societies have produced great technological achievements and advancements in a very quick succession, but they have often used these advances for evil and not for good; including evil against our own in internecine “brother wars.” I think they call it ‘imperial hubris.’

Ultimately cultural and economic imperialism is wrong, no matter who does it, and it comes back to bite the “oppressor” at some point. How can we complain about Muslim, African, Arab, Asian, Latino and other migrants forcing their cultural norms and practices on us – fundamentally changing our societies – as they move into Western countries, but then defend the legacy of forced assimilation of non-Europeans during the colonial era or modern-day Western-led campaigns to spread “democracy” and other Western concepts on other parts of the world? Both are wrong and should be rebuked. The saying “to each their own” rings true. Nationalism for all peoples is the best policy. Non-intervention is nearly always the best option for foreign policy.

I of course do not support the argument, like we’ve seen from the nut job Sukant Chandan, that the legacy of Western imperialism and colonialism over the past 500 years justifies mass immigration and the “Browning” of the West as some sort of historical “just deserts.” A whole ethnic group should never be made to “pay” for the misdeeds of those ruling them, especially not generations down the line. But I do believe reparations and other forms of compensation for wrongdoing is justified in certain circumstances, if it is done in a timely fashion. No different than a victim of theft or physical assault seeking financial restitution through the courts from a criminal. There is already a framework set up to deal with situations like that, ala the “International Criminal Court”, etc.

The US and British governments no doubt owe the Iraqis billions in reparations for destroying their country and mass murdering their people in the 2003 war. I don’t believe average working class people of the West should be made to pay for this, as they already paid for the war itself by these con-artist politicians who use our tax money to finance their genocidal wars. The politicians and elites should pay out of pocket to compensate the Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans and others for their suffering. Western elites and politicians are as much our enemy as they are the enemies of those peoples.

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