ISIS savages behead 15-year-old for listening to pop music

Editor’s Note: Medieval times, meet ISIS. Wahhabism has to be the most backward form of social control in existence today. For all the faults and crimes of Jews, not even they could conceive of this retrograde creed of savage inhumanity and intolerance. The powers-that-be have empowered the most dangerous elements within Islam to provide them a new lease on the ‘war on terror.’ ISIS will provide the war machine with an endless supply of fodder for foreign military adventurism. On some level, the rank and file of ISIS, while funded and supported by outside forces, have to be true believers in this reprobate Salafi cult. They can’t be doing this crap just for the hell of it. They think it is a religious duty.


Daily Mail

A teenage boy has been beheaded by ISIS for simply listening to Western music.

Ayham Hussein, 15, was arrested by militants after allegedly being caught enjoying pop tunes on a portable CD player in the group’s Iraqi capital Mosul.

He was dragged before a Islamist kangaroo court which sentenced him death in a public execution.

A spokesman for the Nineveh media centre told ARA News: ‘Ayham Hussein was captured by the jihadis while listening to pop music at the grocery store of his father in the Nabi Younis marketplace in western Mosul.’

His body was reportedly handed over to his family on Tuesday.

The execution, believed to be the first for listening to music in the city, has sparked outrage among locals. The source added: ‘There was no formal decision by the sharia court that bans listening to western music.’


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