Some Thoughts On Islam


This was originally a response to a commenter. Some of my thoughts on Islam:

As far as negatives go, my main issue with Islam would be its persecution and suppression of atheists and free thinkers who don’t tow the religious-superstitous party line. As an atheist I cannot accept that. The stuff about mistreatment of gays and women is used by the Cultural Marxists to push their dysgenic agendas on the Muslim world as they are doing here. It’s mainly the Salafist-Wahhabi breed that really restricts women and treats them like cattle; the other versions are much more lenient and respectful to women. In a society run by me women and gays would not be persecuted but they would not be elevated to the privileged status that they have now in the Zio-Marxist West. Islam (especially the more conservative breeds of it) goes too far in the one direction, and the Cultural Marxist West goes too far the other way.

I don’t have anything in common with Muslims on the theological level. I rebuke their religion as a made up superstition and fraud just like Christianity, Judaism and all the rest. But the main thing I respect about Islam and Muslims is their willingness to fight when they are being oppressed/attacked. These people don’t bat an eyelash before picking up a gun, organizing, and defending themselves against invaders/occupiers. I guess their religion helps them overcome the fear of death to a certain extent. But this could also be done without the religion, as we saw with the Palestinian PLO and PFLP groups which were Marxist oriented and thus presumably most of their members were secular-atheist or only nominally Muslim.

I do not support any large amount of Muslims moving into Western countries because of the cultural differences. They do tend to be pushy with their religion and proselytize everywhere, build mosques like crazy, etc. Their cultural norms and dress code is too different from us to be compatible. I would prefer secular Muslims who don’t wish to mix religion with politics, which I suppose most Muslims in the West are anyway, but that could change if they ever became a majority so it’s not wise to allow that to happen (although that’s already a reality in places like Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, etc., which have not yet become religious theocracies). From what I gather it’s really only the Salafist fringe who are calling for their perverted interpretation of “Sharia law” to be implemented (as they do everywhere, even in the Muslim world where they rail against the “apostate” regimes) and they should be deported immediately.

Another thing I respect about Muslims is their awareness of Zionism and geopolitics. They’re uniquely attuned with the facts on these issues, especially the Jewish question and foreign policy, whereas most secular Whites are braindead degens and most White Christians are braindead Ziotards. So in that sense Muslims are far superior to Westerners at the moment, culturally and intellectually speaking. And their religion also acts as a roadblock against degeneracy and vice, although this is taken too far in my estimation.

An ideal scenario would be somewhere in between the cultural conservatism of mainstream Islam and the degeneracy we have today in the West. Extremism on either end is destructive.

I think the best modern-day example of this ideal scenario would be a country like Japan.

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