Trudeau Lied: He has expanded, not decreased, Canadian involvement in phony anti-ISIS war

Editor’s Note: Establishment politicians are all the same. Their empty campaign promises almost always turn out to be PR bluffs to win support, then they launch into their hidden agendas and subterfuges right away once in power. The system is broken.


Thomas Walkon / Toronto Star

Sly Justin Trudeau. Critics are still attacking the prime minister for pulling back from the war against Islamic State militants. What they haven’t noticed is that his Liberal government has, in fact, expanded Canada’s role in this conflict.

Forget the fighter jets. Yes, the Trudeau government is withdrawing the six CF-18s that had been used to bomb the militants –— also known as ISIS — in Iraq and Syria. But with the U.S. and 12 other nations committed to the air war, there’s still plenty of bombing going on.

The problem has never been a dearth of warplanes. Rather it has been the difficulty in finding civilian-free targets to attack.

The real story from Monday’s announcement in Ottawa is that Canada is sinking more, not less, into this war.

We will be spending more money — $1.6 billion over three years. We will be sending 180 more soldiers to the region.

The number of special forces troops involved in training Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq is being tripled from 69 to more than 200.

We will also be sending troops into countries other than Iraq. In a telephone interview Tuesday, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan told me the roughly 100 Canadian soldiers being sent to Jordan and Lebanon might, for instance, help those countries figure out how to guard their borders against ISIS incursions.


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