Trump ‘Stands With Israel 100 Percent’

Donald Trump is no revolutionary. He is an entertainer and egomaniac. The best he will do is slow down mass immigration. And essentially that’s all the people who are supporting him care about. The only other good point about him is that he’s been pretty consistently anti-war, and called out Bush for lying about Iraq/WMDs. Out of all the Republican candidates he seems to be the most honest – he shoots from the hip, unlike the other drone-bot, teleprompter reading candidates on both sides.  But with that said, he will not under any circumstances fundamentally change the power dynamic in the US. Zionists will still control the main institutions of power. Trump cannot and will not stop them. A Trump presidency will bring only short-term, short-fix solutions to some issues. The American system needs to be overhauled, gutted from top to bottom and rebuilt. It cannot continue like this.

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