Elite Signalling in Brussels? Residents startled after metro sign displays word ‘boom’

Editor’s Note: They are saying this was some kind of bizarre “glitch,” but I’m not buying it. 



An electronic board inside a Metro train in Brussels had what looked like the word “BOOM” displayed on it. Transport authorities were quick to say it was no more than a malfunction.

The photo of the sign was published by Joseph Sansak, communication officer for Belgium’s RTL media.

“I was on line 2 or 6 [of the] subway. I was down in the Madou station when I saw this message,” Sansak said, as quoted by RTL. “The Metro that says ‘boom,’ super comforting,” he added ironically.

The message was not what it appeared to be, according to An Van Hamme, a spokeswoman for Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company.

“No, this is a computer bug,” she said, as quoted RTL. “The message looks like ‘Boom,’ but when you look closer, you can see those are not normal letters.”


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