Former Belgian MP: Security services complicit in Brussels attacks


Laurent Louis, a former Belgian MP known for his anti-Zionist stances, made the following comment on his official Facebook page concerning the attacks in Brussels:

In this dark day for Belgium, I would like to express my support and my condolences to the families of the victims of the attacks of Brussels. After the national airport, the Brussels underground has just been hit by deadly attacks. The situation is serious and it is important to call on all citizens in a quiet area. Of course, radical islamism will be once more made responsible for these attacks presented as a revenge after the arrest of salah abdeslam in molenbeek end of last week.

However, how can we overlook the responsibility of the Belgian government in these horrific acts perpetrated this Tuesday in our capital? Two things, either our security services are incompetent and incapable of protecting places as sensitive as the national airport or the network of Brussels underground [or] these are the same services that are at the origin of these attacks.

Given the current situation, having regard to the alert level, it is inconceivable that individuals are able to enter in the subway or in national airport with bombs and blow them [up] there. I dare not imagine that our secret services and our security services are defaulting to the point of not being able to effectively protect places [of] such great importance.

As you know, I’ve never hidden that I thought the attacks that have been perpetrated in the United States and in Europe since 11 September 2001 were attacks under false flags, attacks attributed to terrorist organizations of Islamists but in reality perpetrated by our governments to serve their politico-economic interests with the backdrop of the destabilization of the Arab world, the development of islamophobia in the world, the realization of the project of the greater Israel and, ultimately, the establishment of a new world order imposing a global government restricting our rights and fundamental freedoms in order to combat terrorism created by those who, in the shadows, pull the strings of world politics.

When we know the security measures which are currently implementing in the country, when we see that an attack just occur in a subway station located just below the seat of the CD & v, the party of the minister of justice. When you see the supervision to which all citizens (especially Arabs) are currently being submitted, it is hard to believe that such attacks may have been committed without the help or the complicity of the Belgian authorities.

As a result of these attacks in Brussels, and because it is intolerable that such acts can occur in our country, at key locations and at a time when the terrorist alert levels are highest, I request on behalf of the movement standing The Belgians the resignation of the minister of the interior jan ham, the minister of justice koen geens and Prime Minister Charles Michel. Either these ministers are incompetent, or they are accomplices, but they have in any case demonstrated that they did not have their place in the government.

Louis delivered an excellent speech in the Belgian parliament in 2013 calling out the Greater Israel plan for the Middle East:

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