The Alt-Right is Fox News-Lite


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

On the issue of “terrorism,” the stupendous intellectuals of the Alt-Right can be counted on to zealously propel the ready-made narratives of the US State Department, NATO, the CIA, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Zionist-Neocon think-tankers and their stenographers who occupy the major media.

Whatever the pre-set narrative is for any major “terror” event, you can bet bottom dollar that the Alt-Right punditry will be happily singing along to the same tune. After every major terror spectacle, the flaccid proclamations of police and intelligence agency goons is repeated as gospel by the percipient deep-thinkers of the Alt-Right blogosphere.

After the Brussels attacks, like every other major stage-play since August 2014 when the West comically made phony war on its own Frankenstein called ISIS, philosophical geniuses like Greg Johnson and Colin Liddell have decided that instead of actually analyzing the forensic evidence or the geopolitical implications and back-story of said events, they’d rather take to meme-pushing and hashtag-spamming, like this risible gem that would make even Sean Hannity blush:

But then again, that’s what much of the Alt-Right has devolved into, a degenerate Twitter army of cyber-warriors.

Before the Hollywood story-line has even been conclusively established by officialdom and their media organs, the Alt-Right Fuhrers have declared that anyone who suggests anything other than what CNN, Fox, and BBC tell us are peddlers of “laughable conspiracy theories,” to paraphrase Liddell. Right, so the Western intelligence agencies who have been caught staging terror again and again and who most stand to gain from contrived chaos can be trusted to accurately inform us of what went on under their watch, but those who question the establishment liars are just crazy theorists without a leg to stand on.

Now that the anti-Muslim discourses so obviously devised and propelled by Zionists, neocons and their militarist allies in Washington, London, Paris and Moscow benefits the agenda of those who seek to discredit “multiculturalism” (a concept that can be repudiated in myriad of other ways), they seek to harness the propaganda of World Zionism to their own advantage. In a typical lackluster Alt-Right response to Brussels, an article on Johnson’s Counter-Currents argues for the “collective punishment” of Muslims, citing the terrorist policies of Israel as an example to emulate:

Collective punishments are used to achieve such objectives today in Israel, where suspected Palestinian militants get their houses leveled to the ground by massive, armored bulldozers. This puts pressure on Palestinian leaders, who in turn dissuade the youth in their communities from striking Israelis.

And this “modest proposal”:

if we should find that members of a particular mosque have committed an act of terror or a rape, all the members of that mosque will be frog-marched into the town square and get put in stocks, there to be flogged with bacon for ten hours. If it happens again, the mosque will be leveled to the ground and all its members will have their thumbs removed with a sharped pig jowl.

Much of the prominent Alt-Right or “New Right” blogosphere and intellectual priest-class are opportunist hacks with a political agenda. If cozying up to the militarist hoodlums of Zionist Israel could win them some semblance of political power, they may well do it. As such, their analysis on the issue of terrorism – specifically terrorism that gets blamed on non-whites (Muslims can be white, but these unsophisticated dolts automatically associate “Muslim” with “Brown person”) – is infused with racial bias, and is therefore intensely skewed and untrustworthy. Terrorist acts committed by whites, like the terrorist bombing and subsequent execution of around 70 Norwegian teenagers by counter-jihad neocon nut Anders Breivik (who now says he’s a “National Socialist”), is actually rationalized by such people as a predictable response to the imposition of multiculturalism.

US soldiers laughing while pissing on the corpses of Afghans they just killed.
US soldiers laughing while pissing on the corpses of Afghans they just killed.

The fact is these kinds of bombings and attacks would still be happening in the West regardless of the presence of immigrants. In the 1970s and 80s, NATO and the CIA mobilized underground fascist and rightist networks – their “stay-behind” army – to carry out a series of mass shootings and bombings throughout Europe, which were quickly pinned on local communists. This well-coordinated and executed litany of false flag attacks is known as Operation Gladio. Surely the Alt-Right ideologues have heard of Gladio, but they never talk about it because it shows that any political, religious or ideological group (including their own) can get co-opted by higher powers to commit obscene violence.

The open-secret that ISIS is a manufactured creation and still serves as a geopolitical tool of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel to destabilize Syria is neither here nor there for the Alt-Right Sith-Lords, because that truism simply doesn’t do anything to advance the cause of discrediting immigration and multiculturalism, so why bother bringing it up? The fact that our Western leaders are spearheading a psychopathic agenda to destroy other societies around the globe, in the service of Israel and corporate cartels, is also not palatable to the “whites are always victims” mentality of Alt-Right dogma; hence why it’s rarely, if ever, addressed in their outlets.

Mass immigration is part of the elite’s globalist plan to erode traditional cultures and neutralize resurgent nationalism that poses a danger to the mechanisms of global finance, and white nationalities are uniquely threatened by this phenomenon. That nefarious agenda is important to expose and deconstruct, which the Alt-Right is correct in doing. But in their vain pursuit of political point-scoring they’ve rendered themselves useful idiots for our Zionist rulers on one of the biggest issues of our time: staged terror.

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