The Ugly Truth is an Insular Cult of Degenerates and Egomaniacs

Nutcase Mark Glenn with his framed Putin bust on his mantel.
Nutcase Mark Glenn with his framed Putin bust on his mantel.

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The Ugly Truth, an alternative media blog run by the degenerate American Mark Glenn, is an insular cult and echo chamber comprised of self-aggrandizing egomaniacs. Glenn himself is a spastic and depraved personality, a manic control freak who exercises rigid control over his underlings and their output.

The modus operandi of Glenn and company is to take a position on a given issue, and stick with that position no matter how untenable it becomes to do so. Anyone who deviates, even slightly, from the established Ugly Truth script is viciously excoriated and outcast, just like you would expect from a dangerous cult. Glenn’s peons are slavish suck-ups who agree with everything he says, and don’t dare question his self-imposed supreme authority and knowledge.

One such puerile attack dog is Trevor Labonte, an extremely low IQ American musician who ingratiated himself with Glenn’s clique through fan boyish flattery, obsessively heaping adulation upon Glenn, Michael Collins Piper (the now-deceased writer for American Free Press) and Gilad Atzmon. Labonte is so inept and incompetent that he can barely even recite the pre-written scripts provided to him for interviews by the Russian-Iraqi-Jewish-Muslim gangsta rapper Jonathan Azaziah, another zealous Ugly Truth cult member.

On every radio show and/or article produced by Azaziah, Glenn would pen embarrassingly obsequious intros about the “indefatigable,” “one and only,” and “irreplaceable” nature of the self-styled “Islamic revolutionary” and Malcolm X wannabe. Ugly Truth cult members constantly pat each other on the back, congratulating their fellow “dear brothers” on how far along they are in their vain quest for gutter Alt-Media superstardom.

Their geopolitical “analysis” amounts to callow hero worship of militia leaders, Third World regimes and, most especially, the former Russian spymaster and “true friend of Israel,” Vladimir Putin.

Beware of this incorrigible gang of renegade nutters.

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