U.K. Labour Party Member in Hot Water After Saying Israel’s Mossad Is Behind ISIS

Editor’s Note: Looks like he may have been reading Non-Aligned Media.



Israel is responsible for the Brussels bombings and ISIS has refrained from attacking Israel ‘because the dog doesn’t bite his own tail,’ Bob Campbell says on Facebook before reportedly getting suspended.

In another of a seemingly unending string of controversies over anti-Jewish or anti-Israeli comments by members of Britain’s Labour Party, Bob Campbell, a party activist who has reportedly claimed that ISIS is controlled by Israel, denies that he has been the suspended by the party.

The London-based Jewish Chronicle and Sunday Times have reported over the past several days that Campbell was suspended pending a party investigation after allegedly posting a claim on Facebook that the Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency runs ISIS. He is also said to have claimed Israel was behind this month’s terrorist bombing in Brussels.

But Britain’s Independent news website, which added that Campbell alleged on Facebook that ISIS has refrained from attacking Israel “because the dog doesn’t bite his own tail,” said the Labour Party member denied having been suspended. Media reports have said that such a suspension came at the request of his local member of parliament, Tom Blenkinsop of the Labour Party. Blenkinsop represents the Middlesborough region of northeast England, where Campbell lives.


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