Second Edition of Grand Deceptions Now Available


I’ve now just released the second edition of my book Grand Deceptions: Zionist Intrigue in the 20th and 21st Centuries. I’ve added two great new chapters to the book, which amounts to around 60 pages of added material.

The first new chapter is called “Jewish Supremacy and the Multicultural Experiment” wherein I give an intense overview of the Zionist impetus behind Cultural Marxism, the Frankfurt School and the Kalergi Plan for Europe. I touch on the driving motives guiding the Cultural Marxist-led assault on Western societies, and identify the elite Jewish supremacist players behind it all. I also cover some of the implications of the engineered “migrant crisis” and name the Zionist globalists leading that effort.

The second new chapter is called “Sudan, Libya, Syria and Iran: The Yinon Plan Marches Forward.” In this chapter I bring everything up to date with the recent wars and artificial rebel “uprisings” that have torn apart Sudan, Libya and Syria, pulling numerous threads together and linking all of it back to Zionism under the Oded Yinon framework of balkanizing and fracturing Israel’s regional rivals. I also divulge what Israel has in store for Iran down the line.

Book Contents

1. Zionist Power in America
2. Zionists, Neocons and the Iraq War
3. September 11: The Neocons’ New Pearl Harbour
4. “Good for Israel”
5. False Flag Terrorism: Israel’s History of Deception
6. The Grand Deception: Israel and 9/11
7. Controlling the Discourse
8. The Ideological Weapon: Holocaust Dogma and Zionist Militarism
9. Nazi-Zionist Collusion
10. Whitewashing Communist and Anglo-American Crimes
11. Hidden History: Jewish Extremists and Bloody Bolshevism
12. Jewish Supremacy and the Multicultural Experiment
13. Sudan, Libya, Syria and Iran: The Yinon Plan Marches Forward

Overview of Contents

Grand Deceptions is a compact study of Zionism exploring:
– Israeli intrigue behind the 9/11 attacks and the fraudulent “war on terror”
– The Zionist roots of neoconservatism and their central role in fomenting Middle East wars
– Zionist manipulation behind the World Wars in order to establish Israel
– Their collusion with the Nazis to expedite Jewish emigration to Palestine
– Their key role in the Bolshevik revolution and Stalin’s murderous regime
– The fabrication of Holocaust history to suit Zionist geopolitical imperatives
– The Zionist impetus behind Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School
– And more


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