Zionist Charlatan David Cole: Self-Promoter, Narcissist, Money-Getter


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David Cole/Stein, the former Holocaust revisionist turned Hollywood hedonist and neoconservative Zionist shill, has admitted on Facebook that he took advantage of “conspiracy nuts” (who graciously gave him a platform to promote his vain book and degenerate life story) merely to make money for himself and his book publisher. In a Facebook comment on a post by Joshua Blakeney, Cole wrote:

The simple truth is, as everyone who knows me personally understood at the time, I reluctantly lowered myself in 2014 to promote my book on the podcasts of conspiracy nuts purely as a favor to my publisher, who I knew was going to take a bath on my book due to the mainstream media blackout. But I had to hold my nose. It was beneath me more than I can say, and I did it while laughing, heartily, at everything you lunatics believe. You never had my respect, but you do have my thanks for the books you helped move. And now, we’re done.


Expressing the typical Talmudic disrespect and contempt for the “lowly Goyim,” Cole shamelessly admits his true mercenary intentions that underlie all of his phony activism.

The exchange stemmed from a comment Cole made on one of Joshua Blakeney’s Facebook posts noting how, even according to FBI stats, Muslims constitute a minute fraction of terrorist perpetrators in the US. In response, Cole dredged up one of his six year old neocon blog posts allegedly “debunking” the cited study. When Blakeney and I rebuffed him on his flawed analysis and general charlatanism, Cole burst into an unhinged tirade, labeling me specifically a “fringe lunatic” and “paranoid schizophrenic” who “nobody listens to” (since Cole speaks for everyone of course). Questioning mainstream Zionist narratives about terrorism is apparently akin to mental illness, according to the putrid logic of the Jewish supremacist David Cole. I pointed out the irony of how Cole was himself a victim of a Jewish terrorist group, the Jewish Defense League, but has spent the past decade of his life dispensing neocon propaganda about the “crazy radical Muslims” and the exaggerated threat they allegedly pose to the slavish, Zionist boot-licking West.

For those unfamiliar with Cole’s story, which he happily re-tells in his narcissistic autobiography Republican Party Animals, it begins with him gaining notoriety in the 1990s for some pretty impressive work exposing some of the shortcomings and lies that permeate the official Holocaust narrative. Some time after ingratiating himself with the revisionist community, Cole’s authoritarian Jewish personality kicked in as he sought to gate-keep and steer the movement. He began to quarrel with other revisionist big hitters like Robert Faurisson who he denigrates as a “crank.” He also calls the revisionist hero and martyr Ernst Zundel a “nut.”

In his book Cole admits that he “played both sides” of the Holocaust issue, appealing to and working for both revisionism and the mainstream camp, in order to “make some decent scratch.” He writes:

So what’s a knowledgeable but disgraced Holocaust revisionist to do? Play both sides. And make some decent scratch. I created two pseudonyms – one to sell books and videos to Holocaust studies departments around the world, and one to sell books and videos to revisionists.

He also conceded his secret mission to infiltrate the fledgling Holocaust revisionist community for the purposes of finding out what revisionists had uncovered about the deficiencies in the Holocaust story (as revisionist research was in its infancy at the time), and perhaps report back to Jewish headquarters:

 But I needed to mix with the revisionists and deniers in order to win their trust. Because they were the ones with vital pieces of evidence. I earned Zündel‘s trust because I was willing to be seen with him publicly. … Once the revisionists came to trust me, I could start to go to work. It wouldn’t be long before I’d clash with them. But as I said at the beginning of this chapter, I was now able to ‘just do the fucking work’.

In 1998 Cole supposedly recanted his revisionist views after receiving a death threat from the vile thug Irv Rubin of the JDL. One wonders whether the whole “recantation/death threat” episode was nothing more than a stage-managed Jewish Hollywood ruse. It seems plausible – although I have no evidence for this – that Rubin and Cole were secret bum-chums and the JDL’s “threats” against Cole were designed to give him “street-cred” amongst revisionists, later to be used as an excuse to “depart” from the movement and go into hiding. After his fishy departure from revisionism Cole changed his name to David Stein, playing up his Jewishness to cash in as a party organizer for cuckolded kosher conservatives in Zionist-dominated Hollywood. He then joined arms with mainstream Jewry to produce Holocaust-related documentaries and embraced the Zionist neocon chorus, cheerleading for wars for Israel in the Middle East. The Guardian noted:

As Stein, however, he shielded his views, not least during the next stage of his career odyssey: the maker of respectable, conventional Holocaust documentaries. He knew the subject, needed an income and US schools and universities had budgets to commission such projects. He said: “I gave mainstream audiences what they wanted.” At the same time, he started writing op-eds under Stein and other pseudonyms, expressing what he said was his growing fervour for a hawkish foreign policy, a strong Israel and conservative social policy. Posts on his acerbic blog were picked up by mainstream news outlets.

A couple of years ago, someone within Cole’s social circle “outed” his revisionist past, causing his pro-Zionist Hollywood cadre of degen celebs and mercenary groupies to turn on him. He lost his little gig as the “Republican Party Animal” chieftain and instantly came running back to the Holocaust revisionist community hoping to regain his spot as “celebrity revisionist,” even though he is now promoting a half-baked revisionism that maintains much of the official fable.

Cole has been manipulating honest truth seekers for a long time, pretending to be “one of us” while secretly harbouring hostile attitudes and intent, and using us to promote his latest insincere money-making scams. His Talmudic approach is to regularly employ sarcasm and ridicule when faced with facts that don’t reflect well on his tribe, much like the traditional MO of the Zionist vultures you might find in the comments underneath a Times of Israel article (where Cole blogged for a short time).

Let this be a warning to all those “paranoid conspiracy nuts” (as Cole likes to refer to us) who might be inclined to give this greedy opportunist the benefit of the doubt in the future, as many of us did in our naïveté.

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