Ugly Truth Cult Member Recites Trump-Bot Script

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

In a laughable new interview with Press TV (above), the notoriously inept and inarticulate Trevor Labonte – a loyal disciple and ventriloquist mouthpiece of the deranged maniac Mark Glenn – lays out the asinine narrative that Trump-bots are constructing around their new messiah.


The Ugly Cult’s harebrained methodology is to dismiss all of Trump’s stated views that don’t conform to their imperatives by theorizing, without any evidence, that the Republican frontrunner secretly doesn’t believe the things he is saying on those issues and privately holds views opposite to what he is stating publicly. They make the following putrid assertions about Trump’s secret orientation:

1) Trump is only pretending to be anti-Muslim, but is “secretly” friendly with Muslims.

2) Trump is only pretending to be pro-Israel, but is “secretly” plotting against Israel.

3) Trump is only pretending to be against the Iran nuclear deal, but is “secretly” for it.

4) When Trump lied about witnessing “thousands of Muslims” celebrating on 9/11, he was “secretly signalling” about the dancing Israelis.

All of these claims are comical. The other presidential candidates are not afforded this same leeway and schizoid apologia, they are not said to “secretly” hold contrarian views that are opposite to their public stances. The Ugly Cult Trump-bots take at face value all of the other candidates’ statements; at no time do they attempt to theorize about their “secretly held” views that contradict their public statements. But with Trump it’s different – he gets “special treatment,” he gets the “benefit of the doubt,” his unprincipled stances and statements are brushed off with one excuse after another.

When Trump says things these goons are in favour of, he means what he says and is being up front about it, such as his pledges to roll back US involvement in NATO and his fealty towards Putin. But when Trump says things they disagree with, he doesn’t mean those things, it’s all an act to fool the Zionists into thinking he’s one of them, but once in office will unveil his true anti-Zionist, anti-New World Order platform. This kind of mind-reading fantasist nonsense is the stock-in-trade of the Ugly Cult. This is precisely the skewed methodology they employ to depict Vladimir Putin as a closet anti-Zionist plotting the downfall of Israel – another preposterous fiction.

These professional fantasists will have egg on their face if and when Trump gets elected and does none of what they expect him to on those issues that they say he is stealthily concealing his true views from the public. Or, once in office, the Ugly Cult fantasists will just continue to dig deeper and deeper into their bottomless bag of excuses when Trump doesn’t pursue policies that he should pursue if he truly is what they contend – a “super secret anti-Zionist opponent of the New World Order.”

Besides being genuinely anti-Muslim and genuinely pro-Israel, Trump supports torture, advocates killing the children and family members of alleged terrorists, is in favour of the NSA’s domestic surveillance programs, and has rallied crowds with jingoistic pledges to increase military spending, stating he will make the military “bigger and better” than ever before if elected president.

I wonder when the Ugly Cult will remove this banner from their website considering they are vocally supporting Trump who is both of these things:


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