My View On Nationalist Discourse About Islamization in Europe

Salafi freaks need to be kicked out of Europe ASAP.

A commenter on YouTube wrote:

A classic Hobson’s Choice here, White man; in one camp we have the… muzlims dindu nuffin brigade, and in the other camp we have the… don’t name the jew crew. Stuck in the middle of this Semitic sandwich is you White man, how about we take our own White side for a change, and consign these desert dwellers and shekel grubbing parasites into the dustbin of history.

I replied (with some additions):

There’s also the camp of ‘Whites dindu nuffin.’ Obviously there are members of both the White and Arab/Muslim groups that have either wittingly or unwittingly done things that serve Jewish interests.

I don’t think it’s a helpful position to consign people who live in the Middle East as ‘desert dwellers’ and write them off as such. I mean, they didn’t choose the topography of the places they live. The fact is that some Whites and some Muslims are being used against each other by Zionists. I think we should be very specific about who we’re talking about and not just broad brush, on either end. When WNs start mouthing about “Islam” generally, they’re playing the Netanyahu word game which seeks to equate ISIS with genuine Arab/Islamic nationalists like Hamas and Hezbollah. On the other end some people make generalizations about all Westerners being responsible for and tools of American/Zionist imperialism, etc. Both views are unhelpful.

I think Europeans have some very legitimate grievances about mass immigration and even Islamization to a certain extent. But Muslims and Arabs also have very legitimate grievances about the way they’ve been screwed over by Western powers who have, decade after decade, manipulated their societies and brought ruin and misfortune to them. Islamization of Europe should be rebuked in a reasonable way that doesn’t seek to propel some of the overt Zionist propaganda that is used to fuel the fire of Western-Zio imperialism in the Middle East. Nationalists should know better than to help empower the already dominant, totally psychotic Likudnik wing of the Jewish elite by disseminating their talking points.

If Euro nationalists think it’s fine to condemn Islam and Arabs whole cloth because of some likely staged attack like Charlie Hebdo (or some of the real crimes perpetrated by certain Muslims and Pakistanis like the grooming gangs of Rotherham), then why is it bad for Middle Easterners to condemn White people whole cloth for the US-UK-NATO genocidal carpet bombing and drone bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc.? What about all the rapes and murders committed by US-UK troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Obviously American and UK soldiers have committed far, far greater crimes against the Middle East than vice versa over the past 30 years. We hear all about Hebdo and these other staged shooting events (which Western regimes themselves help choreograph), but not about the countless examples of US-UK military attacks on wedding parties, hospitals, schools, apartment blocks, etc., that have killed Middle Easterners in far greater numbers than any manufactured terror in the West.

These Western powers simply changed their tactic lately by employing local proxies (ISIS, al-Nusra) to do their dirty work for them. No different than when Reagan and company were training, arming and deploying Contra rebels in Nicaragua and El Salvador to wreak havoc there. Obviously the people doing the killing are responsible for their actions, and they are indeed paying for their reprehensible crimes as we speak (they are being blown away by the Syrian, Russian and Iraqi air forces). But their enablers are the bigger problem.

Muslims (as well as Hindu/Sikh Indians, Voodoo-believing Africans/Caribbeans, Asians and whoever else) who are aggressive and wish to impose their way of life and culture onto others in Europe should be forced to leave; I am in concurrence with nationalists on that issue. I don’t believe Islam (or any religion besides Christianity and Paganism) should have a major place in European countries (besides Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo perhaps) which, traditionally, are secular. I am also in concurrence that all immigration should be stopped immediately and all recent migrants should be peacefully escorted back to their home countries. But I think rhetorically, nationalists should be more precise in their language, they should identify the true architects of the immigration problem and seek to educate themselves better about foreign affairs, Zionism, and false-flags, to get a big picture analysis in accordance with the facts.

I also think the problem in Europe goes beyond Islamization. Americanization/Zionization is already in full effect. Nationalists who only rebuke Islamization seem to be comfortable with the status quo of American/Zionist imported degeneracy and tyranny being imposed over their nations.

All of these issues were touched upon in my interview on Red Ice, below:

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