Alleged Bastille Day terrorist sent $110,000 to Tunisian family days before attack


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The accused Bastille Day terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel sent $110,000 to his Tunisian family just days before the July 14 attack, prompting questions that “handlers” may have paid Bouhlel to carry out an operation.

Bouhlel’s Tunisian family told media that wads of cash arrived at their home in Msaken, near the Tunisian capital, delivered by individuals sent by Bouhlel days before his alleged truck rampage in France.

Bouhlel was a delivery driver with three children. His known income cannot account for the large amount of money sent to his family, unless mysterious “others” paid the Tunisian in some kind of terror-for-cash bargain.

Besides Bouhlel’s unexplained fortune, he doesn’t fit the profile of an Islamic radical. All of his acquaintances interviewed by media stressed his exceedingly unIslamic lifestyle. He was a convicted felon who “drank, he ate pork, he danced, he dated lots of women … He didn’t do Ramadan. He did not pray,” according to one person familiar with Bouhlel. Neighbors and family members similarly described him as a “loose cannon with a history of violence, who ignored basic Muslim rules and never attended a mosque.”

Recent reports also noted that Bouhlel was a bisexual who “visited gay dating websites and had pictures on his mobile phone of male sexual partners,” an attribute shared by alleged Orlando shooter Omar Mateen and alleged Paris attack conspirators Saleh and Brahim Abdeslam.

Authorities are trying to explain away Bouhlel’s behaviors that are inconsistent with Islam – let alone ‘radical Islam’ – by suggesting he was “radicalized very quickly.”

ISIS claimed credit for Bouhlel’s attack, but such claims of responsibility are common place for a group seeking to inflate its strength and reach in public perception, and are thus not credible. So far no known connections between Bouhlel and any militant groups have been established.

What has been established is that the Tunisian was not a devout Muslim but rather a criminally-inclined hedonistic bisexual, and was in possession of a large amount of cash, the origins of which has yet to be explained. What is also certain is that French police don’t want us to see the CCTV footage of the attack and have tried to strong-arm at least one senior local police officer in Nice who reported things differently than the Hollande regime’s preferred narrative.

Western intelligence agencies, known for false-flags and constant deception, often use and manipulate mentally disturbed and degenerate individuals, framing them for “attacks” that are otherwise carried out by professionals. Was Bouhlel – like Mateen, the Abdeslams and others before him – another one of the Deep State’s primed patsies?

Don’t expect Hollande, Valls and the other Zionist puppet politicians in Paris to provide answers to these pertinent questions.

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