Canadian Secret Police Spent $900,000 To Frame Drug Addicts in Terror Sting


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

A Canadian couple convicted last year of an attempted terrorist plot had their sentence overturned by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, with the judge ruling that the entire plot was an elaborate sting operation by undercover agents.

RCMP officers spent five months and at least $900,000 in an attempt to lure two recovering drug addicts, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, into a wonky bombing plot in British Columbia. Undercover police, posing as spiritual guides, manipulated the two inept junkies into a fabricated terror scenario that would not have manifested if not for the undercover informants providing both the ideological impetus and physical materials for the failed attack.

“The world has enough terrorists, we do not need the police to create more,”  said B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce in her concluding remarks to the court. “This was not a situation in which the police were attempting to disrupt an ongoing criminal enterprise; rather, the offences committed by the defendants were brought about by the police and would not have occurred without their involvement. By any measure, this was a clear case of police-manufactured crime.”

The RCMP’s phony terror sting was part and parcel of the aggressive policies implemented and encouraged by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a rabid neocon and ally of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

An aggressive, miliaristic foreign policy is a tough sell in Canada, one of the least dangerous countries in the world that has few reasons to participate in foreign adventurism. To overcome this hurdle, the neocon planners in the Harper regime sought to invent terror plots and exaggerate threats in order to scare Canadians into adopting a more interventionist mood.

The bungled and exposed BC sting op appears to be one major scheme put on by the Harper-controlled RCMP, but many contend the Ottawa shooting that took place a year later, in October 2014, was another manufactured spectacle designed to rubber-stamp Harper’s pre-planned agenda to commit Canadian forces to Middle East conflicts that favor Israel’s regional interests.

As Non-Aligned Media reported at the time, in that attack CSIS and the RCMP had been running “terror drills” eerily similar to the very events that later took place. Scenarios involving ISIS-related attacks were drilled in the weeks directly preceding the dubious shooting on Parliament Hill, leading many to theorize that the event itself was orchestrated on some level by the government.

The alleged shooter, Michael Zehaf Bibeau, was a ‘known quantity’ with a sketchy background of drug addiction and crime, the traditional patsy rap-sheet.

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