Coincidence? ‘Bastille Day’ Movie Featured False-Flag Terror Plot

Conspiracy theorists have argued for years that the film industry, with its innumerable intelligence connections, plant narratives into movies which foreshadow events that later happen in real life. This is often called “predictive programming.

Such theorists are having a field day with the film “Bastille Day,” a joint American-French production starring Idris Elba and Richard Madden.

The movie was released in France a day before the July 14 truck attack in Nice which took place during Bastille Day celebrations. It was later pulled from French cinemas. The film’s plot revolves around a false-flag terrorist attack organized by a rogue cell in the French Interior Ministry “as a decoy to make a half-billion dollar digital transfer from a bank.” While the plot of the film does not exactly mirror the real events of July 14 (the film’s attack features a bomb in a bag, not a truck), the general theme and emphasis of a terrorist attack on “Bastille Day” make the film and the actual event extraordinarily similar. The timing and release of the film coinciding almost perfectly with the tragedy is also an oddity.

The real-life French Interior Ministry has been busy trying to destroy key evidence in the Nice attack investigation (the CCTV footage) and harassing local police officials to ensure the government’s preferred narrative is reflected in official reports.

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