France’s Covert War on its Own Citizens Continues With Attack on Church


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The French regime under the neocon Francois Hollande is waging a covert war on its own citizens, using Salafist assets as proxies in false-flag and LIHOP (let it happen) events.

In yet another easily preventable attack, French security agencies allowed two men to mount a knife assault on a church in northern France, slaying an 86-year-old priest and taking others hostage before being killed by police.

One of the alleged attackers, 19-year-old Adel Kermiche, was previously arrested and awaiting trial for trying to travel to Syria to join militants on two occasions. He was under house arrest with a monitoring bracelet. Despite being known and under the close supervision of authorities, Kermiche was able to coordinate an attack with another individual without police intervention, confirming that the French government is itself waging a terror war on its own citizens.

Reuters noted, “France’s government faced criticism of its security record on Wednesday in the wake of revelations that one of the assailants who slit the throat of a priest at a church altar was a known would-be jihadist under police surveillance.”

Since the staged Charlie Hebdo false-flag attack nearly two years ago, France has been put under authoritarian martial law. The Hollande government has introduced some of the most draconian anti-terror and surveillance laws in the world, which includes drag-net mass surveillance of the population. France’s anti-terror and security laws are so stiff that even expressing “sympathy” for terrorists with words is a punishable offense under the legislation, with more than 100 French citizens having been arrested for things they’ve said following the Hebdo psyop.


France cannot be at war with ISIS because it and other rebel groups in Syria have benefited greatly from substantial largesse courtesy Hollande’s regime since 2012. Hollande’s France was, and still is, one of the “most prominent backer[s] of Syria’s armed opposition,” as the UK’s Guardian reported back in 2012. From the outset of Syria’s Western and Israeli-incited civil war, France has been “directly funding rebel groups around Aleppo … to oust the embattled Assad regime,” according to Martin Chulov’s Guardian investigation.

Hollande’s predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy was a leading protagonist of the NATO air war against Gaddafi in Libya, toppling a regime that secured a large North African border crossing which many migrants are now using to enter Europe today.

While unstable and misguided French Muslim youths are pledging allegiance to the Zionist-friendly ISIS, carrying out attacks on the French mainland with the help and complicity of authorities, French politicians in consecutive administrations have pledged their allegiance to Israel and launched deadly air wars on countries with anti-Zionist governments (Syria and Libya), deliberately killing hundreds of civilians in the process.

Israel, it seems, couldn’t be happier about the state of affairs in modern France and the world at large.

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