French Policewoman Blows Whistle on Nice Terrorist Attack Cover Up


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

A senior French policewoman has blown the whistle on the Nice terrorist attack cover up, alleging that higher-ups in the government repeatedly pressured her to alter her report about the attack so that it would reflect the preferred government narrative. The Hollande government is now suing her.

The whistleblower, Sandra Bertin, who was in charge of CCTV video surveillance in Nice, says that the interior ministry – led by the notoriously corrupt Bernard Cazeneuve – hassled her to include in her report the specific positioning of national police officers at the Bastille Day celebrations, where 84 people are alleged to have been run over by a terrorist in a truck. She claims that she could not see any national police officers on the CCTV cameras during the night. “I was harassed for an hour. I was ordered to include the specific positions of the national police, who I hadn’t seen on the screens,” she told reporters.

Bertin also asserts – which has since been confirmed – that the French anti-terrorist police even tried to get her to delete all CCTV footage of the attack. “The antiterrorist branch ordered me to erase the film of six cameras that I mentioned in my report that had captured the massacre … to prevent them being seen by the public,” she said.

Other media reports show that security at the Bastille Day outdoor celebration was purposefully lax, with only 45 officers on duty at the event which was attended by 30,000 people. The Express reported:

Just 45 officers were on duty during the Bastille Day celebrations, which was attended by more than 30,000 people. This is despite concerns that Nice was a likely target for an attack as a large number of jihadists from the city have travelled to Syria to fight for the so-called Islamic State in recent years. Regional president Christian Estrosi said a request he had made before the parade for more police officers had been rejected.He was reported to have said: “There were only 45 national police officers on July 14. It was not enough. I can’t hide that I am angry.”

In addition to the oddly minimal security presence at a major public event, a barrier of police vehicles blocking the road which was being used for the parade and celebrations on that day was purposefully disbanded just hours before the truck assault took place, opening the door for the attack. Police also allowed the suspicious truck used in the attack to be parked on the closed street for nine hours beforehand.

French authorities will inevitably claim that all of these suspicious happenings are a result of “incompetence” or “negligence,” but such consistent neglect on the very day that a major terrorist incident occurs is not believable. The only logical explanation for this series of monumental security failures is that the French government itself purposefully allowed the attack to occur, if not outright organized it.

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