Ominous Smoke Over Eiffel Tower a Psyop?

Eiffel-Tower-SmokeOn the same night as the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, an ominous “fire” broke out near the Eiffel Tower, causing billowing black smoke to engulf the iconic landmark.

RT reported that, “The fire triggered massive panic as it followed an earlier attack in Nice, where a truck plowed into a crowd, killing dozens.” Police claimed it was a “technical accident” involving fireworks, but conspiracy buffs hypothesize that it was a ritualistic psychological operation to heighten public fear, reinforcing the panic caused by the attack in Nice.

ISIS then laughably claimed credit for the fire, as if to say, ‘Be afraid citizens of France, we will cause the downfall of your civilization if you continue to fight us in the crusader coalition.’

This suspicious event reeks of psyop and psychological messaging, not by ISIS, but by those Western/Zionist elites who created and use that group for various agendas. It is not the first such “coincidence” following a major terror spectacle. Days after the attack on the airport in Brussels earlier this year, an underground train in the city displayed the word “boom” on a random monitor, frightening a number of passengers with the airport bloodbath fresh in their minds.


While it is impossible to prove the deliberateness of such oddities, the ruling elite in the West are known occultists and freemasons, so spectacular and outrageous stunts like these should not be ruled out as part of an ongoing psychological and spiritual war on the masses.

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