Reasons to Question ‘Terror Truck’ Attack in Nice


I haven’t had much enthusiasm to investigate the latest psyops seeing as these things are as common as the rising sun, but the truck attack in Nice, France, is riddled with inconsistencies.

The alleged perp – a Tunisian ‘Muslim’ named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel – was a non-devout petty criminal known to police. He was a divorced, hot-headed drinker and club goer, and purported bisexual. TIME Magazine quotes some of Bouhlel’s acquaintances who described him “as troubled and violent, with no attachment at all to his Islamic faith.” They add that he was a “loose cannon with a history of violence, who ignored basic Muslim rules and never attended a mosque.” A childhood friend of Bouhlel’s ex-wife said he “drank, he ate pork, he danced, he dated lots of women … He didn’t do Ramadan. He did not pray.”

Bouhlel has a strikingly similar profile to Omar Mateen, the alleged Orlando gay club shooter. Oddly, Bouhlel supposedly “researched” Mateen online before his attack. Like Mateen, Bouhlel “visited gay dating websites and had pictures on his mobile phone of male sexual partners.” The NY Post, in an article titled “Bastille Day attacker was bisexual, had fling with elderly male retiree,” reported:

The Bastille Day terrorist hailed by ISIS as a “soldier of Islam” had bisexual flings — and his main male squeeze was a 73-year-old retiree, investigators have revealed.

French police officers discovered lurid photos of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s bisexual encounters on his mobile phone after they shot him dead in the cab of the truck he used to run over and kill 84 people and injure scores more on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice on Thursday.

The divorced father of three was a fitness fanatic and a regular on dating sites, hooking up with male and female lovers, while his “principal lover” was an elderly man, whose identity has not been released, according to multiple reports.

Newsweek reported:

According to France’s BFMTV, investigators have gleaned that Bouhlel—who left at least 84 people dead in the French city—had a busy sex life, with pictures of both female and male conquests on his phone. Bisexuality, or homosexuality, is forbidden in Islam, although interviews with Bouhlel’s friends and relatives in Nice have revealed that he did not behave, at least until recently, like a devout Muslim.

The Mirror also reports that “the last transaction on [Bouhlel’s] credit card – for 24 euros on July 6 – mysteriously appears on the statement as ‘Islam’.” Is this signaling of some kind by the real perpetrators?

French spooks are attempting to explain away this discrepancy – of Bouhlel’s hedonistic/bisexual/unIslamic lifestyle – by saying he was “radicalized very quickly” and changed his ways just a few weeks before his alleged truck rampage. Yes, apparently the online ISIS terror academy can make you into a terrorist hell-bent on martyrdom within weeks by taking their “express radicalization” program. It looks like authorities will continue to push this “instant radicalization” theme to rationalize why non-devout degenerates would suddenly take up a “religious” cause that contradicts their entire behavioral history. Bouhlel was not interested in Islam, never went to mosque, and was not connected to any Islamic organizations, but suddenly decided – on a whim – to commit a suicide attack for ISIS.

Other patsies in previous attacks were also known hedonists and bisexuals who, as the official narrative would have us believe, were “radicalized” virtually overnight by watching some videos online. Virtually all of the individuals blamed in ISIS-related attacks in Western countries since August 2014 were “known to authorities” either as terror suspects on watch-lists or as criminals registered in police databases. What we are witnessing are black operations where assets of intelligence agencies are being used, manipulated and then set-up as patsies.

A major anomaly in the Nice event which points to state-complicity is that a police blockade of the street where a huge crowd of people were celebrating Bastille Day was suspiciously removed hours before the attack, just in time for Bouhlel – or whoever was actually driving the truck – to plow into the crowd. The Daily Express reported:

Eye witnesses say French authorities withdrew police vans blocking off the Promenade des Anglais hours before a 19-ton truck careered down the densely packed road, slaughtering at least 84 people and left countless others badly wounded. Eye witnesses say four police vehicles had previously barricaded the road to protect a military parade, but they vanished before the attack commenced.


Police are said to have confronted Bouhlel some time before the attack about his suspicious presence on the closed street, but mysteriously allowed him to stay parked there for nine hours because they “bought” his excuse that he was delivering ice-cream. The truck looked nothing like an ice-cream truck but rather a large cargo truck. This story is insane. The Daily Express reported:

The sick killer spent nine hours on the French street in a truck laden with assault rifles, a pistol and even a grenade . He simply waited for revellers to turn out for the evening before driving along the promenade and crushing and shooting at the crowd, according to reports.

It has now emerged the terrorist, named as 31-year-old French-Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, rented the lorry two days earlier.

Bouhlel is believed to have been carrying assault rifles, a pistol and even a grenade with him in the lorry.

But they went undiscovered by police – despite the country being on high terror alert.

Reports claim police allowed the killer to stay on the Promenade des Anglais because he told them he was delivering ice cream.

The roads had been shut from 3pm to prepare for the celebrations, so the killer got there early and waited.

Although heavy duty lorries are normally banned from the roads during national holidays and Sundays, deliveries are often exempted.

The killer, who was previously known to police for violence and theft, was allowed to stay, prompting questions on why officers did not check his story.

The police presence at the Bastille Day celebrations – in which 30,000 people attended – was suspiciously low, with only 45 officers on duty, according to a witness.

So “despite the country being on high terror alert,” French police maintained a minimal presence at a major public event attended by 30,000 people, then allowed a suspicious truck to be parked on a closed street for nine hours. Then, they disbanded their blockade a few hours before the incident, giving the truck free access to the road where 84 people are said to have been subsequently run down.

On top of that huge red flag, French anti-terror police have suspiciously requested the city of Nice destroy all CCTV camera footage of the attack, none of which has been seen yet. RT reports:

Nice authorities have turned down the request of French anti-terrorist police to delete footage from surveillance cameras and any other videos which captured the fatal truck attack on Bastille Day.

The request was sent by Anti-Terrorist Sub-Directorate (SDAT), a special police division battling extremism, to the mayor of Nice’s office on Wednesday, according to the paper.

Le Figaro managed to obtain the copy of the document in which SDAT, citing articles of the criminal and penal codes, demands the city authorities delete “completely” nearly 24 hours of the attack captured on cameras on the Promenade des Anglais.“

Delete the recordings between July 14, 2016 22:30 and July 15, 2016 18:00,” the documents demands. The anti-terrorist police named six cameras which recordings should be “particularly” deleted. Plus the city authorities should delete any footage from any camera “that captured the crime scene”, the paper added.

“This is the first time we’ve been asked to destroy evidence [from the attack],” a source close to the city authorities said. “The CCTV center and the city of Nice could be prosecuted for this… Also the officers in charge of the cameras don’t have jurisdiction to engage in such operations.”

Le Figaro reported that the day after the attack police demanded from the city authorities to recover 30,000 hours of CCTV-related events. A backup operation is reportedly ongoing and will take place for several days. Le Figaro source said that the authorities are concerned for the safety of the backup operation with this new demand.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Paris later confirmed the information to Le Figaro, saying that the demand had been made “to prevent the uncontrolled distribution of the images [of the attack].” The office added that “of thousands of surveillance cameras” in Nice, at least 140 of them contain “interesting” elements regarding the attack.

This is obviously an attempt to prevent any close-up video footage from emerging which may show anomalies that confirm the staged nature of the attack.

So far only two videos showing the approach of the truck have been released, both filmed on cell phones, with only one being widely aired on media. That video was filmed by a German journalist, Richard Gutjahr (who is married to a former Israeli intelligence officer and Knesset member Einat Wilf), who was positioned conveniently on a balcony catching the approach of the truck, but the video does not show anyone getting run over as the view is blocked by trees. Strangely a motorcycle pulls up right next to the truck as it approaches the crowd, and then the biker bails to the side and falls off his bike. Two police are then seen shooting at the truck.

Researchers have noted the complete lack of blood splatter on the white truck despite it having allegedly plowed through hundreds of people. Forensic video analysis (posted below) shows that the damage to the front of the truck (the missing front piece) appears to have already existed prior to colliding with any human. As the truck approaches the crowd, the precise damage to the front seen in police photos of the post-attack truck is already apparent, raising speculation that the whole scene was pre-prepared. Many are also pointing to the mannequin-looking bodies in video footage of the aftermath. The stiffness and odd shape of the limbs and other atypical features indicates that at least some of the “dead bodies” shown in video footage may be mannequin props placed on the scene afterwards.

All of these anomalies, taken together, should elicit skepticism in any thinking person.

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