Alex Jones Does 180 On Both Putin and Palin

Alex Jones once called Putin a “demon,” but has completely reversed himself now that lionizing the authoritarian Kremlin leader has become popular in the alternative media.

In a 1999 broadcast, during the height of Putin’s brutal war on Chechnya, Jones rebuked Putin in harsh terms: “Vladimir Putin, who is known as Vladimir The Ruthless … is on an unbelievable power trip and resembles a demon… he is a creature of the IMF and World Bank and international communism, he’s a former KGB head.”

He has now completely reversed that position, arguing consistently on his website and radio show that Putin is an anti-globalist hero who “double crossed” the bad guys. In one video titled “Putin Declares War on the Luciferians,” Jones and a guest extol the virtues of Putinism, presenting the Russian strong man as a Judeo-Christian White Knight who is moving against “Islam and the return of the Nazis.” So, according to Jones, Putin is good because he is taking on “Islam” and “Nazis”; in other words, he is a Zionist collaborator, combatting the enemies of Jews.

A video compilation shows Jones doing a similar volte-face on former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. In a 2010 clip Jones excoriates Palin as a “floozy” airhead and neocon “piece of trash” that the establishment “are using to take over the Tea Party movement.” A more recent clip from 2015 shows Jones reversing himself, praising Palin as “the real deal” who would “make a hell of a VP [Vice President].”

As a click-bait opportunist, this kind of inconsistency should be expected from Jones. When it becomes “popular” to back a politician, he does a 180, contradicting everything he said and warned against years earlier.

In this dark age we are living through, it is understandable that many are desperately searching for a “hero” to save the day, but the real world doesn’t work that way. This minimalistic thinking – good vs. evil – ignores the dynamics and nuances of power politics where alliances shift and new partnerships are formed based on shared interests.

The political systems of major powers like the United States, Britain, Russia and China are little more than groupings of predatory gangs. Within the ruling circles there is infighting and intrigue, just like there are territorial and resource wars among criminal gangs and mafias in the criminal underworld. Some gangs are undoubtedly worse than others, as with politicians and governments. But none are virtuous, and none should be heroized as savior-kings. No politician can deliver an impossible utopia, even if they wanted to.

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