Hillary Clinton Plugs Opportunist Hack Alex Jones in Campaign Speech

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

In a new campaign speech, Hillary Clinton assailed the “Alt-Right,” mentioning kosher conservative radio host Alex Jones by name in an effort to discredit Trump by linking him to “conspiracy theorists” and “white supremacists”.

Denouncing Jones, Hillary spoke of his belief that “9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing were inside jobs,” views he has since watered down in an opportunistic push for a wider viewership. 9/11, Jones now says, was a Saudi operation that Bush “let happen” – a kosher limited hang-out narrative that Zionist Hollywood popularized with Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11,” and a theme continuing to be pushed by the mainstream with the “28 pages” release that the US congress and President Obama signed off on. Not only has Infowars slowly moved away from false-flag analysis and neocon critique, the network has decidedly stepped up criticism of and focus on Islam in accordance with its bid to break into the fold of more mainstream kosher cuckservatism.

So as Jones strays further and further away from his 9/11 truth antecedents each year, he is vigorously endorsing Trump who is not today and has never been a 9/11 truth seeker. In his interview with Jones from last December, Trump repeatedly spoke of the “radical Muslim threat” and how he had allegedly “predicted” Osama bin Laden would “knock down the towers”.

That claim is interesting in light of an old interview Trump gave a few days after 9/11 near Ground Zero. An interviewer probed Trump about the unexpected collapse of the Twin Towers, buildings which, the interviewer astutely noted, were constructed to withstand plane impacts. Trump suspiciously responded by articulating what would later become the official collapse story of the US government’s phony 9/11 Commission “investigation,” namely that “fires” and the “impact of the planes” caused their downfall at nearly free fall speed. Responding to the prudent question, Trump said in part:

“It was tremendous power, and tremendous heat, and people were willing to die … as kamikazes in a sense there’s very little you can do about it… I mean the heat and the power … the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building and 1600 degrees temperature, I guess that’s more than anything could take no matter what.”

Was Trump reciting a prepared script given to New York political and business leaders after (or perhaps before) 9/11 to preemptively disseminate the official narrative on how the buildings fell? Or was he just ad hoc theorizing based on the presumption that no explosives were involved? Trump is by way of his real-estate dealings connected to Larry Silverstein, the Jewish-Zionist lease-holder of the World Trade Center during 9/11 who Trump has described as a “great guy” and “friend”.

Clinton’s calculated name dropping of Jones (it was a prepared speech, not an off-the-cuff remark) confirms the radio host’s status as an elite asset of controlled opposition acting as a vacuum of dissent, steering it astray. Jones and other controlled “alt-media” mavericks have carefully sucked what are supposed to be alternative discourses right back into the left-right paradigm. The Infowars website and radio show has constructed an artificial debate around Trump and Clinton, leading people to believe that choosing the ‘lesser evil’ between the two is the only viable course of action going forward. By keeping the focus on political front-men (and women) like Clinton and Trump, Jones is purposefully shirking a diagnosis of the more terminal malaise afflicting the US system: its two-party dictatorship and its largely Zionist oligarchy who have promoted wars for Israel in the Middle East and who, most likely, engineered 9/11 as the “New Pearl Harbor” to initiate a cycle of perpetual war for the benefit of the billionaire class ruling America and Israel.

Many people will indeed decide to vote for Trump, the ‘lesser of two evils’ they frequently pontificate. But if people were to vote for the ‘lesser evil’ every four years for the foreseeable future, then America will in 10, 20, 30 years be right where it is now – firmly under the thumb of the Zionist oligarchy who control and manage both sides of the two party, left-right scam. And in any case, if Trump truly was independent from their influence (which he isn’t) or “went rogue,” the oligarchy could simply manufacture a scandal and remove him through impeachment, or, if desperate enough, assassination.

Instead of wasting your time on “voting” or cheerleading for compromised candidates, you should be strengthening your mind by reading books, strengthening your body by exercising and eating healthy, and working towards building a self-sustainable future for yourself and your loved ones.

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