Netanyahu in 2014: ‘Terror Plague Will Come to France’


Benjamin Netanyahu told a French reporter in 2014 that “the terror plague will come to France” if the country’s leaders did not sufficiently support Israel’s ongoing war against and occupation of the Palestinians.

“It’s not Israel’s battle. It’s your battle, it’s the battle of France,” said Netanyahu, adding that if Israel and not the Palestinians was faulted for the Middle East impasse, “then this terror plague will come to you. It’s just a question of time.” He continued:

It’s already on the move. It’s on its way to you. If it’s seen as successful, if they can target democratic societies, get them blamed, get them to break their solidarity and what they know is the moral case that Israel is making, then it will encourage them to move from one step at a time. It’s right now across your waters. It’s already in North Africa.

The comments were made in the middle of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, the latest of Tel Aviv’s brutal, murderous and unprovoked military assaults on the Gaza Strip. That campaign extinguished the lives of 2,200 Palestinians, mostly civilians (including 550 children), and damaged or destroyed 150,000 Palestinian homes. Thousands more were severally injured and 100,000 were internally displaced.

Harebrained pro-Israel commentators are using Netanyahu’s ominous forecast to fawn over the Zionist leader’s ‘prophetic powers.’ However, the correct interpretation of the remarks is that they were a brutish ultimatum: Netanyahu himself was promising to ‘bring terror’ to France if he didn’t get his way on the political front.

A classic bully, Netanyahu is accustom to getting what he wants, when he wants it. And if he wishes for France to unconditionally support Israel (as it presently does) and crack down on pro-Palestinian activity within the country, then he expects it will be done at the snap of his fingers… or else ‘terror’ will reach you where you are.

This interview was given at a time when Israel was coming under increasing international pressure to make a lasting peace deal with the Palestinians and to end all illegal settlement activity. The pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestments and Sanction (BDS) movement was on the rise and some European parliaments, including that of France, voted to symbolically recognize a Palestinian state that same year, which angered Netanyahu immensely.

Also recall that in January of 2016 Netanyahu bitterly rebuked the EU, calling on it to “change its attitude towards Israel” after the institution approved the policy of labeling products produced in illegal Israeli settlements. The Brussels airport attack manifested a couple months later. It seems that whenever Netanyahu issues a thinly-veiled threat to European countries that are not in lockstep with everything he wants, ‘terror’ magically follows, which is quickly accompanied by renewed Zionist pleas for Western “solidarity” with the regime of terror in Tel Aviv.

A Machiavellian schemer through and through, Netanyahu can be credited with the very conception of the “War on Terror” (both its tactics and agendas), the US-led wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and as the mastermind of the “New Pearl Harbor” trigger incident which kick-started it all, the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Netanyahu’s father, Benzion, was the press secretary of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the maniacal Zionist ideologue who founded the Beitar, HaTzohar and Irgun terrorist groups, the latter of which blew up the British Army headquarters in the Jerusalem King David Hotel in 1946, killing 91 people, many British. The founding fathers of Israel and its modern military and intelligence agencies were ruthless terrorists, all disciples of Jabotinsky’s retrograde brand of ‘Revisionist Zionism’ that called for the forceful physical removal – by any means necessary – of all Arabs from Palestine.

This is the violent extremist culture in which Benjamin Netanyahu was raised. The consequences of this madman’s policies, as we can clearly observe, have been and will continue to be catastrophic for the world.

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