Obama Criticizes Saudis In Interview


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

President Obama issued criticisms of Saudi Arabia in an Atlantic Magazine interview, further refuting ludicrous claims from some sectors of the retard right-wing that the American president is a “secret Muslim” operating at the beck and call of the Saudi king.

Obama rebuked the sectarian politics of the Saudis, denouncing their activities in financing the spread of Wahhabism to other Muslim-majority countries, including to Indonesia where Obama spent time as a child.

“The Saudis and other Gulf Arabs have funnelled money, and large numbers of imams and teachers, into [Indonesia] In the 1990s, the Saudis heavily funded Wahhabist madrassas, seminaries that teach the fundamentalist version of Islam favoured by the Saudi ruling family,” Obama told The Atlantic’s Jonah Goldberg.

The notion that Obama is a “puppet” of Saudi Arabia, as some disinformation pushers contend, dissolves under scrutiny. Obama’s nuclear agreement with Shiite Iran (a major foe of Saudi Arabia) and recent decision to release 28 classified pages of a congressional report on 9/11, which reportedly ties elements of the Saudi government to the attack, scatters that claim to the four winds. Obama’s release of the controversial 28 pages this year was not done under any serious pressure, and must have been a personal choice. Obama’s criticism of the Saudis and his decision to publicly unearth the 28 pages are actions that show hostility, and not fealty, to the kingdom.

In a broader sense, Obama’s willingness to throw the Saudis under the bus for 9/11 by releasing documents that implicate them but which don’t address the multitude of other glaring problems and inconsistencies of the official story, as well as the compelling evidence of CIA and Israeli Mossad involvement in the attacks, signifies that the Western elite may be mobilizing for regime change in Riyadh.

As Kevin Barrett articulated in a Press TV interview, the Saudis are bit-part players on the global power structure who have “absolutely no capacity” to rule if the US decided to stop supporting the monarchy. “Their army, navy and airforce have no ability to” function if not for US-UK patronage and sponsorship, Barrett said.

Those who choose to emphasize “Saudi” involvement in 9/11 above the more damning evidence of complicity and involvement of rogue elements within the highest authorities in the White House, Pentagon, CIA and Israeli military-intelligence establishment, have rightly been criticized as gatekeepers promoting a ‘limited hang-out’ analysis which aims to deflect culpability from the king-pins by placing blame on lower level accomplices, stooges, dupes and front-men.

The gatekeeping around this issue doesn’t stop with the Saudis. Likewise, many 9/11 truth activists and researchers have attempted to put the lion’s share of blame for the attacks on Bush, Cheney and other non-Jewish figure heads in the White House, carefully maneuvering the discourse away from the Israelis and their Neocon-Zionist loyalists within the Bush administration and Pentagon. Focusing on the Bush-Bin Laden family connections and Saudi intrigue vis-a-vis the 19 Oswaldian patsies who were, most likely, not even on the planes, lets the Israeli and American planners and executioners of the operation off the hook.

The 28 pages are a piece of bait dangled out in front of truthers so they can naively proclaim “victory” and go back to sleep. The US government can also now pretend that it’s actually transparent on the issue, when in fact it continues to withhold and suppress the most damning evidences of US and Israeli participation in the September 11 events. A win-win for the Zio-American establishment.

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