Zionist Conman David Cole Endorses Opportunist Egomaniac Ryan Dawson


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Jewish supremacist David Cole, an unrepentant charlatan and vain opportunist who boasted of conning “conspiracy theorists” into promoting him so he could “move books,” has penned a trashy new article wherein he laments the bothersome inquiries of 9/11 skeptics and anti-Zionists.

In his typical sarcastic style, Cole dredges up one straw man argument after another, and unleashes a barrage of Jewish witticisms in lieu of actual facts. This scholarly subject has no room for wannabe Jewish comedians who self-identify as Zionist neocons.

With his customary overinflated sense of self-importance, Cole is under the delusion that 9/11 skeptics and anti-Zionists actually care what he thinks about either 9/11 or the Israel-Palestine dispute. Most who are familiar with Cole’s dodgy history and impure motives don’t give a damn what he has to say on any given topic, let alone two subjects that Zionist Jews like him have a vested interest in obscuring the truth about. The only people still interested in his opinions – even after admitting he “played both sides” of the Holocaust debate to make money – are the braindead kosher conservatives, mainly Jews, who populate the readership of Taki’s Mag as well as an assortment of degenerates and hobbyists on Facebook.

However, one “truther” Cole endorses in the piece is Ryan Dawson, a semi-literate opportunistic buffoon who shares many of the deplorable character traits of his money-mad compatriot Cole. Both men are driven by greed, and a lust for fame, attention and name recognition. And they’re both clearly suffering from some kind of mid-life crisis. Cole is comfortable with Dawson, he explains in the piece, mainly because Dawson has walked back his 9/11 stance to a LIHOP (let it happen) interpretation, upholding nearly all aspects of the official story on the physical/scientific end.

Cole quotes Dawson saying he doesn’t see “any problems with how the buildings fell.” “Yes, a plane did hit the Pentagon,” Dawson says, adding: “I don’t really get into Building 7. …Yes, it was Islamic radicals who physically did it, 100%. But they didn’t do it alone.” Dawson, like Cole on the Holocaust, has evidently backpedalled and watered-down his assertions about 9/11 in order to gain more “mainstream” acceptance, attention and recognition.

From the beginning, Dawson – much like Cole with the Holocaust – essentially sought to control and gatekeep the debate about 9/11, presenting himself as the only analyst with the “correct” interpretation. He got fed up with those pursuing lines of inquiry he deems to be unkosher, and resented those who refused to bow to his self-appointed kingship of all 9/11 analysis and research. So now, out of pure spite, he has taken to mocking and insulting anyone who adheres to any kind of MIHOP (made it happen) position as a “kook”. Childish, arrogant, self-entitled – it’s hard to conceive of a more loathsome character than Dawson.

This is no revelation to those familiar with Dawson’s insane egoism and opportunism. The alt-media huckster recently penned a long-winded, barely coherent and typically typo-riddled letter to Sut Jhally, the producer of “Occupation of the American Mind,” who backed out of appearing with Dawson at a screening for the film, organized by Dawson, in LA.

“This means I have to woodshed this piece of dog shit [Sut Jhally] and do the screening myself or screen something else,” Dawson lamented in a foul-mouthed Facebook rantFortunately no one was coming to see him. They are coming to see me. No one has ever heard of him,” he added with his traditional hubristic arrogance. Yes, I’m sure there are droves of people, bursting with excitement, lining up to “see” Dawson in the flesh.

Dawson managed to squeeze nearly $4000 out of his fanbase to screen someone else’s film, money which will most likely be spent on his airfare from Japan to the US where he will use the rest of the cash to hit up bars and binge-eat fast food which is unavailable in the culturally superior country of Japan that he, unfortunately, occupies. If the Japanese government had any sense they would permanently remove this big-headed pollutant from their land, and ship him back to the low-IQ American backwater from whence he came.

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