Zionist Wing of Alt-Right Pushes Huma Abedin Disinformation

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The Jewish disinformation wing of the alt-right – headed by Ezra Levant, Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Breitbart and others – have been grasping at straws to portray Hillary Clinton, the Zionist neocon warmonger whose main advisors and chief financial backers are fanatic pro-Israel Jews, as “pro-Islam”. The “best” evidence they’ve come up with is that Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, has a Muslim background and at one point contributed to a Muslim publication of some kind.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Huma Abedin

What they deliberately leave out of the picture – besides the fact that Clinton is surrounded by Jewish-Zionist advisors and financial backing – is that Abedin is married to Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former New York congressman who got caught up in a major “sexting” scandal years back, leading to his resignation from Congress, and who has yet again found himself in another “sexting” ignominy. Notably, Weiner is Jewish. So, if Abedin is really a “radical Muslim,” then why did she marry a Jewish man (a committed – let alone ‘radical’ – Muslim would certainly never marry a non-Muslim) and why is she working for Hillary Clinton, a war-hawk neocon who supported every single one of America’s deadly wars in the Middle East against predominately Muslim countries and who is a monomaniacal Israeli bootlicker?

Shockingly without a hint of sarcasm, an alt-rightard promoter of this Abedin disinformation wrote:

They [Saudi Arabia] own Twitter and Fox News, the left and right respectively, to ensure their interests are promoted and protected from criticism. That is why Mike [Cernovich] says he is banned from TV, because he’s asking about who’s taking the Saudi money. People complain about the Jews controlling everything, but it’s actually the Saudis who’re trying to manipulate and control us.

This would make a great parody. But sadly this clown is serious. Fox News, the loudest mainstream media exponent of anti-Islam, war-hawk and pro-Israel messaging, is controlled by Saudi Arabia? Actually it is controlled by Rupert Murdoch, the hardline Zionist billionaire who is personal friends with Benjamin Netanyahu and the late Ariel Sharon, who was honored by the Anti-Defamation League for his “stalwart support of Israel” and who personally intervenes to enforce editorial censorship of reportage that reflects badly on Israel from his newspapers.

The over-hyped “Saudi” connection to Fox News comes from the fact that a Saudi Prince, Alwaleed bin Talal, bought a 7 percent stake in Murdoch’s News Corporation, but the opportunistic prince clearly has no editorial control over any of Murdoch’s media holdings which continue to champion anti-Islam, anti-Arab and pro-Israel discourses. The Saudi royals are the Muslim world’s version of the Merchant of Venice, mercenary backstabbing sell-outs who care only about profits and not principles, hence why a Saudi prince would invest in Murdoch’s pro-Zionist, neoconservative media empire.


The Abedin fluff is a clear case of Zionist misdirection, drawing attention away from Clinton’s obvious Zionist links and sympathies by hyping up an exaggerated “Muslim” connection of no consequence in the larger scheme of things. Whatever Islam Adedin follows, it is nominal at best and not prominent in her politics. And if she had any integrity at all she would not in a million years work for Clinton who has sponsored so much misfortune and misery for her co-religionists overseas.

Moreover, those disinformationists who desperately want to tie Saudis to American politicians never highlight how Saudi Arabia is a pro-American, pro-Israel client regime that has sold out the Palestinians, and has been conspiring with Tel Aviv and Washington against both Syria and Iran for years, even secretly war-gaming with Israel a joint attack on Iran. If Saudi Arabia ever decided to end its deplorable ‘special relationship’ with America and to forge an independent path with a principled foreign policy that promoted unity, instead of division, in their region, they would quickly find themselves on the chopping block for ‘regime change’. Insofar as the degenerate Saudi rulers continue their treasonous quid-pro-quo relationship with the US and Israel, they will continue to be tolerated as “useful idiots” for the Zionist-American empire.

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