A Guide to Russian Propaganda: Whataboutism

“Whataboutism” – the Russian propaganda technique to deflect criticism of the Kremlin by directing attention to the faults of other countries and governments. This tactic is a staple in the playbook of Putin’s sycophants and trolls in the “alternative” media.

I’ve encountered it so very often in debates with such people. Any criticism of Russia or Putin is instantly combatted with either 1) spurious charges that you are being paid by America to criticize Russia, because we all know that “only” Americans would ever find fault with Russia, or 2) redirection of the conversation to the faults/crimes of the US or “West” in general.

The common presumption on the part of these lightweight intellects is that if one is critical of Russia then one must consequently be supportive of the US, but that is very the definition of a non-sequitur logical fallacy.

The non-aligned concept, which is championed by this author and website, stands in rebellion to such narrow-minded, black-and-white thinking. The destructive intellectual legacy of whataboutism stems from Cold War myopia on both ends, fostered by the US and Russian elites respectively, but has been more commonly employed and refined by the Russians.

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