Russian Atrocity Lies in Ukraine War

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

In a calculated deception, a Russia media outlet aired footage (video below) of a dead man killed by Russian forces in the Caucasus in 2012 and misrepresented it as contemporary footage in Eastern Ukraine, claiming it was a “civilian” slain by Ukrainian forces. This example of media fakery dispels the myth, believed by hordes of “alt-media” zombies, that Russian media is somehow more honest or trustworthy than Western media.

In a throwback to World War I-era atrocity lies, there was the sensational story of a three-year-old child being “crucified” in a public square by Ukrainian military units. The propaganda tale was based entirely on the dubious testimony of one woman, most likely an actor in the pay of the Russians, whose horror story was quickly debunked by journalists. The debunkers discovered that inspiration for the lie may have come from Alexander Dugin, the Russian exceptionalist “philosopher” and former Putin advisor, who posted a similar fictional story on Facebook beforehand.

In this clip a reporter proves false another story, widely peddled by Russian media, that Ukrainian forces killed a 10-year-old girl in a shelling attack.

This clip reveals more Russian lies:

This webpage documents the top 120 big lies of Russian media relating to Ukraine. One particularly humorous and ironic one is lie number 107, showing that Russian TV channel Rossiya-24 misrepresented a picture of Russian neo-Nazis in efforts depict the “fascist” and “Nazi” character of the post-Yanukovych Ukraine.

Image courtesy Russian Lies blog.

Unlike the shameless alt-media hacks for Russia, I wouldn’t claim that because Russia has disseminated falsehoods to make Ukraine look bad then therefore the Ukrainians are completely innocent in this war, as the hacks do for Putin in the case of Syria. These incidents of deception and propaganda on the Russian side do not prove that no civilians have been killed by Ukraine’s military during its war with separatists.

On the contrary, the UN and observer groups have documented civilian killings caused by indiscriminate shelling from both the Ukrainian army and Russian-backed rebels. Extremists on both the Russian and Ukrainian side have committed excesses. But these examples above show that the Russians are far from the saints that propagandists in the alt-media paint them as, and will lie, distort and manipulate information to smear their enemies during war time, as they have been caught doing again and again.

What is also apparent is that Ukraine is not doing anything that Russia itself wouldn’t be doing and has not already done in the past when faced with separatist insurgency. Indiscriminate terror bombing was Putin’s policy during the Chechen war, modeled specifically on Israel’s tactics against Palestinians. So those who wag their finger at Ukraine for things that Putin himself is supremely guilty of expose their hand as shills and charlatans for Russia.

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