The Truth About the Kremlin’s Propaganda Machine Russia Today

Presenting itself as “alternative” to gullible audiences, the Kremlin’s “Russia Today” news bureau is little more than the CNN of Russia, pushing intensely skewed narratives to suit the Russian government’s imperatives. Western leftists, nostaligic for Sovietism and Stalin’s gulags, lap up every headline and story churned out by RT.

That is not to say that RT doesn’t do some good reporting. Its reports on Western and Israeli foreign policy crimes are far more honest than anything you’d find in Western media. But when it comes to issues of particular concern to Russia’s geopolitical imperatives, like Ukraine, Crimea, Putin’s corruption, human rights violations in Russia, the crackdown on dissent, civil liberties and free speech in Russia, etc., RT is a virtually worthless propaganda mill of the Kremlin rulers.

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