Website Exposes 240 Russian Media Lies and Fakes

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Fake and misrepresented photos, entirely made up stories, fabricated quotes, staged protests, fake witnesses, outright lies – deceitful Russian media sources have used all of these tricks to spin the war in Ukraine in the Kremlin’s favour, a website called Russia Lies has documented.

The site gives 240 clear examples of Russian media lies and distortions about Ukraine, with a small section on Syria, demonstrating that Russian media outlets are little more than a weaponized propaganda tool of the Kremlin to spread disinformation.

Based on these exposures, it is difficult to take any Russian media source seriously given the extent and frequency of their distortions, lies and fakes. It seems these outlets have virtually no standards for its reporters to be objective. They will make use of any internet crackpot looking to make a name for himself on their 24 hour news service RT, promoting partisan hacks from outlets like Global Research and billing them as “expert” analysts.

One fabrication documented by the site was the claim by Russian media that the Ukrainian military used phosphorous bombs over Eastern Ukraine, attempting to substantiate this assertion by using stills from a video of US forces deploying the incendiary weapons over Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. Russian-backed separatists then demanded Russia provide them remnants of a phosphorous bomb to validate the false claims.

Image courtesy Russian Lies blog.
Image courtesy Russia Lies blog.

Another was a video RT said depicted Russian bombardment of ISIS-controlled oil depots in Syria, when in fact they actually hit Syrian grain silos in territory not held by ISIS.

Image courtesy Russian Lies blog.
Image courtesy Russia Lies blog.

Russian media sources attempted hundreds of such fakes using pictures and footage from other conflicts.

The worst Russian propaganda fail was a leaked clip featuring radical Russian nationalist Maria Katasonova, who works for a Russian MP, wherein she portends to be reporting from the frontlines in the conflict zone of Donetsk. In reality she was in a dimly lit room with her colleagues producing fake sounds of explosions in the background, to which she eventually cracks up and begins laughing, revealing the brazen fakery.

In another video Katasonova threatens, somewhat satirically, to blow up the world if the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine are not victorious.

The days of Soviet disinformation and propaganda are back with a  vengeance.

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