Anglo-Zionist Ann Coulter Wanted to Nuke Iraq After 9/11

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

America’s premier kosher conservative pundit, Ann Coulter, casually advocated using nuclear weapons against Iraq as a “response” to 9/11, an attack that even the WMD-pretext-for-war-fabricating Bush administration had to confess was not connected in any way to Saddam Hussein.

Coulter made the despicable comments in a 2015 sit-down debate with Cenk Uygur, the progressive host of the popular Young Turks internet news show.

“I was a huge supporter of the Iraq war,” Coulter said, recalling her extensive media shilling for the neocon crusade in the Middle East during the Bush administration. “Iraq was a beautiful country for regime change,” she mused. The only criticism she could muster was not of George W. Bush, who started the war, but of his successor Obama who, according to Coulter, “ruined our victory” in Iraq by pulling all the troops out in 2011. In other words, Coulter wanted to continue the occupation of that country ad infinitum, in addition to taking their oil. The “victory” she referred to was making a failed and totally corrupt puppet “democracy” out of a dictatorship.

Donald Trump, who Coulter vehemently supported and campaigned for during the 2016 election, has echoed these amoral inferences, lamenting how the Bush and Obama administrations failed to sufficiently loot Iraq’s oil reserves after destroying the country with shock-and-awe carpet bombing and scorched earth tactics, making it virtually uninhabitable in parts because of depleted uranium contamination.

In response to 9/11, Coulter was for the “liberal use of daisy-cutters [aerial thermobaric bombs] and nukes,” she said with no shame. “Did you just say we should have dropped nukes on Iraq,” asked a bewildered Uygur, probing Coulter on her vile advocation of obscene violence against a country that had committed no offense against the US. “I don’t know if you’re joking or doing hyperbole,” said Uygur. “I’m not kidding,” responded Coulter, affirming her bloodthirsty desire to annihilate millions of innocent people on a scale worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


With delusional candor, Coulter backed up her support for regime change in Iraq by citing human rights violations of Saddam Hussein, just after calling for a genocidal nuclear holocaust of civilian Iraqis. If torture, murder and other crimes committed by Hussein were valid reasons to justify removing him from power, then when will Coulter begin pushing for an invasion and regime change in Israel, a rogue state which has done and continues to do all of those things against Palestinians. If torture really upsets her, then why hasn’t Coulter uttered a word of protest against the extensive history of torture and mass murder – far worse than the sins of Saddam Hussein – conducted by the US government and its proxies. Has Coulter ever written a word about the School of the Americas, the CIA-run torture and terrorism training center where many of Latin America’s worst paramilitary death squad leaders emerged from?

Coulter brushed off the deliberate Bush administration lie that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction,” calling the war myth a “gag,” and then saying Hussein should have been removed anyway for other reasons. Coulter spent most of the Bush years parroting neocon untruths about the Middle East to television audiences, vigorously cheerleading for the rancid foreign policy spearheaded by Zionist neocons in the White House and Pentagon.

Coulter is a leading face of the Judas Goat faction of fake American conservatives who are nothing more than paid lackeys of Zionism and mouthpieces for its destructive agenda. Carl Bernstein, the famed Jewish journalist responsible for breaking open the Watergate scandal during the Nixon presidency, told an MSNBC panel that the war in Iraq was based on a “total pretext” orchestrated by Bush, Cheney and a coterie of “Jewish neocons” advising them. That the war in Iraq was engineered by a faction of largely Jewish neocons, with close connections to and an extreme affinity for Israel, is indisputable. But this truth will not likely emerge from the lips or pen tip of Ann Coulter, who works towards the same agenda.

As for 9/11, the one-size-fits-all Trump card for war played again and again by cuckservative punditry, Coulter purposefully avoids and does everything in her power to obscure the ugly truth of that day. Nowhere has she mentioned that the only people arrested on September 11 in connection to the attacks were a handful of Israeli operatives of the Mossad, who had cameras fixated on the World Trade Center from a rooftop watch-point in New Jersey, where witnesses saw them celebrating and photographing themselves smiling and slapping high-fives as the towers burned in the background. Later arrested, the five Israelis told the police, “we’re not your problem… the Palestinians are the problem” and justified their apparent jubilation because the terrorist attack would harness global sympathy for Israel now that “Arabs” had attacked a Western country.

How the Israelis knew Arabs or Muslims had been the perpetrators within a few hours of the event, before any investigation had been undertaken, proves the obvious foreknowledge and involvement of Israel in the attacks. That incident taken together with other suspicious occurrences, such as the arrest of terrorists with a truck bomb on the George Washington Bridge which was later covered up (because the suspects were likely Israelis not Arabs) and the suspicious lease of the WTC complex by pro-Israel Jewish real estate magnate Larry Silverstein (a close friend of Netanyahu) thereby facilitating the placement of explosives throughout the buildings, should make any reasonable person conclude that Israel had a major hand in the attacks. Far from being an organic response to decades of horrendous US aggression and support for tyranny and oppression in the Middle East, 9/11 was a synthetic spectacle in its purest form, masterminded by ruthless Zionist forces in Israel and Washington to bring about wars and interventions that secured their interests.

Ann Coulter has been getting props from certain quarters of the alt-right because of her stance against immigration, but her substantive track record of warmongering and shilling for Zionism cannot be forgiven. She vigorously spewed untruths that enabled the 9/11 wars and was a key media voice propelling forward the neocon agenda in those crucial years after the attacks. She vocally supports the indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinian children by Israel.

Moreover, she is a Johnny-come-lately to the immigration debate, and has opportunistically jumped on the alt-lite (not alt-right) bandwagon, like so many other mercenary hacks in that milieu, now that those talking points have a larger audience. She should be added to the long list of US government and media insiders who should be tried at the Hague as accomplices to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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