Don’t Get Too Excited – Trump is Not a Real Revolutionary


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

At times I find it necessary to rebuff some of the false SJW and feminist critiques of Trump, but in truth he represents very few of the values preached by the more authentic rightists such as Julius Evola, Ezra Pound, etc.

Trump essentially embodies Jewish materialist values: money worship, greed, egomania, consumerism…. all he talks about is money, business and “winning.” He likes anyone who will say good things about him or give him business. No less than a few years ago he was championing the Clintons as “terrific people.” There is no moral imperative behind his platform at all. North America is ultimately a failed colonial experiment with no culture to salvage anyway. It’s a lost cause.

At best Trump is a controlled Zionist entryist who will never work against those truly at the top of the power pyramid in a significant and meaningful way. He is a kosher steam valve release for disgruntled whites, a controlled and managed reaction to the excesses of cultural Marxism – similar to what we’re seeing in Europe with the rise of kosher nationalism in the form of Pegida, EDL, Britain First, Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, and other pro-Zionist “nationalists” who want to make common cause with the parasite state of Israel while forwarding a watered down civic nationalism friendly to the Jewish elite.

The only good we can say about this situation is that it may lead people in the direction of more authentic nationalism and hopefully into the arms of the thinkers who conveyed a message of spiritualism and tradition as opposed to modernist materialism or pure biological determinism and race worship, which forms the core belief of degenerate “American” nationalists bereft of culture. While race cannot be written off as a “social construct” as the far-left would have us do, it should not be made into the sole determinant behind a nationalist platform.

The countries of Europe should retain their ethnic character as is and should fight vigorously against those internationalists seeking to undermine it, but “fixing” these societies requires much more than simply halting immigration. A total revamping of the cultural and philosophical values of the people must take place for a real transformation to occur, requiring a re-education of the masses by thinkers who have the wisdom to foment the ideas that can cure the malaise of materialism and modernity.

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