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To all Non-Aligned Media readers,

Why do people like this site? Because here at NAM, we are truly non-aligned, meaning there is no subject, ideology, country, religion, individual or group of individuals that we are not open to scrutinizing and investigating. We dig up the facts, use logic and reason, and report what we find no matter who comes out looking good or bad.

I have been trying my best to bring you cutting edge analysis and original content on a trove of important issues. I believe in the principle of quality over quantity; so while I may not do five radio shows per week, or ten articles a month, the material I do produce is of the highest caliber. Hopefully my insights into geopolitics, history, philosophy and all of the other topics I cover here has amplified your awareness and understanding of our modern world and the problems we all face.

I hope to continue producing content for this website, but it is increasingly difficult to find the time to do the research and writing required while having to work jobs outside of the journalistic field to meet my needs each month. This means that I am counting on contributors to take some of the financial burden off of myself who not only produces most of the content which makes this site great, but have to pay for the hosting costs out of my own pocket as well.

Finances are tight for all of us living in these depressed economies, so I understand if contributors can only afford a few dollars. But remember, everything counts.

The best way to help keep this site alive is to become a monthly contributor. (Button below)

If that’s not possible, readers can send individual donations to martinezperspective[at]hotmail[.]com on PayPal. (Button below)

Anyone who contributes $20.00 or more to NAM will receive a PDF copy of my e-book Criminalizing Dissent: The West Bows to Zionism.

Another way for readers to help NAM is to purchase my books on Amazon.

Many thanks to all who have contributed already.

Brandon Martinez

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