Muslim Truther Wants Us To Choose Between Islam or Israel

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

A certain Muslim “truth” channel on YouTube, Verdant Servant, claims that I’m promoting “Zionist” disinformation because I’ve called out the negative cultural impact of massive Muslim, Middle Eastern and African immigration into Europe.

His claim is that because some of the sources negatively reporting on Muslim migration into Europe have a Zionist slant generally, then therefore everything they report on the misbehaviour of Muslim migrants is “disinformation” feeding the neoconservative clash of civilizations project. The net result of this line of thinking is that Muslims can do no wrong and we should totally refrain from criticizing them even if they do commit wrongs, lest we help the Zionists divisive agenda.

What he fails to acknowledge is that the Zionists have, through their Kalergi project of massive immigration into Europe, set the stage for a very real clash of cultures as foreign populations with vastly different customs and norms gain a foothold in Europe at the expense of indigenous White Europeans. Highlighting the very real problems and differences of these groups moving into Europe is in effect resistance against the globalist agenda.

Not criticizing the migrants and those who brought them here, but rather adopting a migrant-friendly open borders stance is exactly what George Soros and his cohorts want. It is in fact Verdant Servant who is serving the elite with his pleas to silence all criticism of Islam and Muslims. He only opposes the Zionist agendas that adversely affect his kinsmen, while embracing agendas that harm the interests of Europeans, since it is in his religious and ethnic interest to do so.

I’m fully aware some of these channels covering the migrant invasion are compromised and gatekeeping on the all-important issue of Jewish power. But just as there are charlatans within the anti-war camp who never name Israel as the driving force behind neoconservatism and mid-east wars, that doesn’t mean everything they report is untrue or unworthy of sharing.

What the Zionist channels are doing is simply isolating the bad behavior of migrants, focusing criticism on their Muslim background, whilst ignoring the Zionist globalist architects of the operation and whitewashing their central role in foisting multiculturalism on the West. Or, in some cases, compromised sites like Breitbart and Infowars will call out Jewish globalists like George Soros but downplay or ignore his Jewish messianic motivations, attributing a generic “leftist” ideology to his destructive advocacy.

Muslims like Verdant Servant are seeking to enforce a stringent political correctness around Muslims and other migrants causing problems in Europe, deceptively labeling all criticism of wrongdoing on the part of members of his faith group as “Zionist” disinformation. If that’s the case then shall we halt all criticism of the despicable actions of Wahhabi Muslim terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Nusra, who are in a de-facto alliance with Israel as they behead their way to power in Syria and Iraq?

It’s undeniably true that there are certain co-opted forces within Islam that are doing the bidding of the Zionist rulers, both in the Middle East with groups like ISIS and in Europe with the immigrant pawns of the Kalergiite plot to deface the continent. It’s also true that factions within Christianity, Hinduism and other religions have become useful idiots for Jewish globalism, imperialism and supremacy as well. All of these traitors and collaborators should be condemned.

I’ve vigorously exposed and called out the White Western dupes and slaves who have been hoodwinked by Jewish propaganda to fight wars against Arab and Muslim nations that did us no harm. Verdant Servant should likewise acknowledge that there are certain revanchist elements within Islam currently being puppeteered to help facilitate long-term Zionist agendas in both Europe and the Middle East.

Ultimately Islam is a religion originating in the Middle East which has observances and practices that are completely antithetical to traditional European cultures. Islam tolerates no criticism of its practices or its prophet, Muhammad, and if implemented theocratically punishes with death or severe medieval beatings any dissent against and/or non-observance of the Koranic teachings, beliefs and practices.

While I have no problem with this religion existing in its own space and for Muslims to live how they want in their own countries, it makes no logical sense to embrace large amounts of Muslim immigration into non-Muslim countries and then to allow them unfettered freedom to propagate their religion, build mosques, and recruit new members from among our people to serve their universalist religion, ideology and agenda.

I believe Europe and Muslim countries can cooperate geopolitically against common foes, but anything further than that is untenable.

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