Trump’s About-Face On Clinton Continues

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Donald Trump’s abrupt turn-about on Hillary Clinton continues, with the real estate mogul and president-elect now saying Clinton is ‘very strong and very smart’ in a new interview with 60 Minutes.

After receiving a congratulatory call from Clinton following his victory, Trump “apparently no longer thinks Clinton is ‘crooked,'” noted the Business Times, detailing the various epithets Trump threw at Hillary during the campaign that are now absent from his rhetoric: crooked, lying, corrupt, nasty, unstable, heartless… even labeling her the co-founder of ISIS alongside Obama.

But now Trump is back to praising the Clintons as ‘very nice’ and ‘talented’ people whom he may seek advice from. In his victory speech Trump venerated Hillary for her “service” to the country, telling his supporters that Americans all owe Hillary a “debt of gratitude.” So Americans are indebted to a ‘crook’ and ‘co-founder of ISIS’ as she helped plunge the country into bankruptcy via foreign interventions.

Before he launched his presidential run, Trump was a noted supporter and good friend of the Clintons who attended his wedding to Melania. In fact, Trump had nothing but good things to say about them and wasn’t shy about boasting of his close ties to them.

The new watered-down rhetoric seems to confirm the suspicions of many that Trump and Clinton were never really enemies, but only superficially so during the stage-play known as the US election. Clinton said in a recent interview that she hopes to resume her friendship with Trump now that they’re not competing anymore.

We can expect Trump will renege on his promise to hire a special prosecutor to put Clinton behind bars. She will quickly embark on a retirement ride into the sunset like all the other Washington criminals, thanks to a system of endemic corruption which includes Donald Trump.

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