Brendon O’Connell: A Deluded Anti-Zionist Who Thinks Iran Will Save Us

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

For those who haven’t heard of Brendon O’Connell, he’s that eccentric Australian dude who went to prison for calling a Jew a “racist, homicidal maniac” on the street.

He was charged in 2009 under the “racial vilification” law, a type of Talmudic-inspired legislation imposed by Australia’s Jewish community which prohibits criticism of their religion, culture and beloved ethno-state, Israel.


While O’Connell has certainly figured out the JQ, and is outspoken about it, he is obsessed with Semitic issues concerning the Middle East and the machinations of Israel’s Mossad. We’ve all been there: the poor Palestinians are being slaughtered, and we have to save them, goes the thinking.

O’Connell resurfaced in a recent video and on Facebook, purporting to now be living in Iran after fleeing another impending charge in Australia. He’s singing the high praises of the Islamic Republic, brushing over how its founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, ordered the executions of 30,000 dissidents and assorted counter-revolutionary “opponents” – which included children as young as 13 – in the late 1980s. A political purge that would have made Stalin envious. Then there’s the lashings, beatings, amputations, and executions – medieval punishments under their Shariah law system. If you gloss over all that, yeah, I’m sure there are some good things about Iran such as its traditional culture and attitudes.

With vigor, O’Connell pushes the popular line that certain Arab and Islamic forces are “on the front-lines” in the fight against Zionism, so therefore we should naturally take up alliances with them, if not outright join their fight. O’Connell, out of desperation, seems to have made good on that – he’s in Iran seeking asylum. Maybe he’ll join the Revolutionary Guards or become a mercenary for the Assad regime in Syria.

O’Connell’s view is misguided. He’s a White Australian, yet not once in his activist “career” has he made an issue out of the Zionist war against Whites in his homeland. He believes that Arabs and Muslims are getting the worst of it from the Zionists and thus deserve our unreserved sympathy and support. But these Arabs and Muslims are just using naive Whites like him as Sabbath Kaffirs for their own selfish interests. Iran could care less what happens to Whites in our homelands, and gives no airtime in their press to Zionist machinations against the European world. George Soros is condemned by Arabs and Muslims only for his interference in Middle Eastern affairs, not for his leading role in foisting the ruinous multicultural experiment on the West.

PressTV, Iran’s English-language state broadcaster, will tell the truth about Zionist crimes against Middle Easterners, but covers up Muslim immigrant crimes in Europe. It never touches on the Sorosian plot to deface Europe with mass immigration, using predominantly Muslim Middle Eastern migrants as shock troops to weaken White nations. The channel runs countless stories demonizing European nationalist parties as “Islamophobic” and “xenophobic” Nazis, whilst ignoring the brutal crimes committed by Middle Eastern and African immigrants in Europe, who the channel portrays as downtrodden victims of White racism and prejudice. PTV failed to run a single story about the atrocious sexual abuse ring uncovered in Rotherham, England, where some 1400 native British girls were groomed, raped and trafficked like halal meat for the slaughter by Pakistani Muslim men. PTV’s editorial line is in lockstep with Sorosian multiculturalism because most of the migrants flooding Europe are Muslims, which the Islamic regime in Iran views as harbingers of Allah’s message to infidel Europe.

O’Connell has studiously avoided this issue. All he talks about are Israeli intelligence conspiracies in Australia, computer hacking and Middle Eastern squabbles. Alongside their “war on terror,” Jewish elites have spearheaded a protracted war against White males across the West, wielding Cultural Marxism and mass immigration as weapons of mass destruction, efforts designed to bring ruin to Western societies and civilization. Strong, patriarchal societies with an in-group, out-group identity are viewed in Sorosian terms as “fascist” outposts of anti-Semitism and racism, so they must be torn down for the benefit of “pluralism,” say the Zionist architects of this policy which suits perfectly their desire to dominate.

O’Connell believes that Iran will somehow save the world from Zionism, yet in 37 years since the “revolution” there, what has this regime done to accomplish that?  Well, they fought an eight year war with Iraq, unnecessarily prolonging that conflict by rejecting multiple peace offers from Saddam Hussein, ordering their troops to carry on the fight “until Iraq is defeated.” During that war, Iran secretly received arms shipments from Israel in what became known as Iran-Contra. And now they just make a lot of anti-Zionist grumblings, while actually supporting about 75% of the Oded Yinon plan – the toppling of the Taliban, Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were all in the interests of and supported in various forms and degrees by Iran.

O’Connell’s love affair with Iran, Arabs and Islam is rooted in the reactionary position that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It’s understandable. I too once thought like him. But once you realize that Islam is a derivative of Abrahamic thought, and shares certain intolerant, uncivilized traits with its Semitic cousin, Judaism, then sympathy for this religion should naturally dissipate.

People like O’Connell also believe in this fanciful notion of a Muslim-Christian alliance, a concept pushed heavily by The Ugly Truth, an Arab-American interest group seeking to recruit Westerners as Sabbath Kaffirs for Arab and Shiite Islamic interests. This Muslim-Christian “alliance” that O’Connell so desperately hopes for is currently being played out in Syria and Iraq with mass executions, beheadings and crucifixions of Christians captured by the Islamic State.

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