George Galloway: A Globalist Shill for the Anti-European Soros Agenda

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

George Galloway has earned a lot of respect from certain quarters of the anti-war, anti-imperialist left. His stances on foreign policy, Israel/Palestine, and other Semitic issues relating to the Middle East are somewhat admirable. He’s been a strong anti-war, anti-Zionist voice in British politics for decades.

But that’s where his usefulness begins and ends. Galloway’s gig is to vigorously support Arabs and other non-white peoples in their struggles for self-determination, but to hypocritically deny the same right to Europeans. Galloway is a staunch champion of just about every Third World nationalism you can find, from Cuba and Venezuela to Palestine, Iraq and Syria. He’s a great admirer and friend of authoritarian nationalistic leaders across the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Galloway wrote and published the “Fidel Castro Handbook” in 2006, a swooning hagiography of the Cuban communist leader, within which Galloway describes himself as “a partisan for Cuba, for the revolution, for the leadership.” He even admitted in a speech to having been an underground agent of Nelson Mandela’s ANC organization, working alongside a cabal of “great Jews” to overthrow the South African government in favour of Blacks. Galloway said that throughout the entirety of his time as an underground agent of Mandela, “every house I slept in, every dinner I ate, every car I drove in, was provided by Jewish activists of the African National Congress.”

His far-left bent is clear and uncompromising. He contends that non-white peoples of the Third World are deserving of unfettered support in their liberation struggles from the “evil West,” but white peoples of the First World – the rancid oppressors of said non-whites – must never be allowed to express preference for their own, or have nationalism or self-determination in the traditional sense, because they’ve oppressed others historically. This anti-white guilt-tripping is part and parcel’s of Galloway’s worldview.

Galloway has consistently opposed British nationalism, appearing at “anti-fascist” demonstrations against the British National Party and other events proclaiming that patriots who want to preserve British culture and the ethnic balance of the country are evil “Nazis” that have no place in society. Appearing at a 2015 “Stand Up to Racism and Fascism” event, Galloway declared “racism and fascism can and must be defeated,” singularly defining those terms as nationalism as practiced by white people.

As a long-time MP for Bradford-West, a city with a large Middle Eastern Muslim population, Galloway has functioned as a Sabbath Kaffir for Semitic interests in Britain and abroad. He has pushed domestic policies that favour dark-skinned immigrants over the white majority population who, as an MP in a “democracy,” he is supposed to represent.

Galloway’s leftist intolerance of opposing views and perspectives is appalling. He zealously supports draconian Holocaust denial laws in Europe, cheering the imprisonment of historian David Irving on the basis that he has propagated mild revisionist views on the Second World War, an unforgivable sin according to Galloway. Galloway would lock up every “Holocaust denier” and “throw away the key,” he once said. His shocking double standard on the matter of historical revisionism comes to the fore when he starts talking about Soviet Communism, an ideology he sympathizes with, denying the extent of the genocidal crimes committed by its chief practitioners Lenin, Stalin and others.

Besides his genuinely held far-left beliefs and opportunism, another prime motivation for Galloway’s affinity for multiculturalism is his sexual degeneracy. One of Galloway’s former lovers told media that he’s a perverted freak who would often brag about all the black and brown immigrant women he has slept with. He’s had five wives, most if not all non-white. His sexual preference for dark-skinned women underscores his sexually-based opposition to European nationalism which would inevitably restrict his ability to find, seduce and sleep with non-white women from “exotic” countries.

On Jews Galloway is schizophrenic. He has spent tremendous efforts and resources working to liberate Palestinians from Jewish domination and oppression in their homeland, but he scorns British nationalists who, historically and contemporarily, have tried to do the same for their people and nation, smearing them as “fascists” and “Nazis”. So, in essence, Galloway supports perceived non-whites who have come under Jewish oppression, but then backs the Jewish oppressors when they lord it over whites in Europe.

Galloway’s politics is symptomatic of the skewed anti-white myopia of the radical left. Nationalism is good and just for all peoples, except whites, they say. It’s valiant and courageous for Palestinians to fight for their homeland, an independent state for their people and culture, but it’s a wicked deed for Europeans to aspire towards the same goal. This is why Galloway and his followers among the anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian left cannot be considered friends or allies of Europe, but rather ideological fellow travellers in the anti-white rainbow coalition aiming to displace native Europeans from their ancestral homelands.


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