Islam – Friend or Foe Against Globalism?


Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

There is a tendency on the part of many anti-Zionists to view Muslims as allies in the essential struggle against international Zionism, and I certainly would have found myself in that camp not so long ago. But when it comes to issues of mass immigration and the imposition of multiculturalism on the West, Muslim immigrants and their descendants generally side with their own ethnic-minority interests, embracing the Soros-Kalergi plan for Europe and denouncing opposition to it as “racist” or even “Zionist.”

Daniel Spauling argues in an article titled “The Enemy of My Enemy” that rather than the heroic bulwark against globalism that many believe it to be, Islam has been used as a tool of globalism in the Middle East and in Europe. To make his case Spaulding points to the Muslim Pakistani rape/grooming gangs in Rotherham who sexually abused thousands of young British girls, an outrage that was covered-up and hidden from public view by a conspiracy of silence within the British government, police and press for years; he points at the violent terrorist activities of Salafi Islamic groups like ISIS and al-Nusra and the support given to them by Western powers to conduct their medieval crimes; he cites the pro-Western orientation of the Gulf Arab tyrannies and other Islamic majority countries willing to ally with globalist powers and cooperate with globalist institutions. There are “countless more examples of a similar nature from Nigeria to Pakistan of violent Muslim resistance to “globalism” which consists of massacres, rapes, kidnappings, and bombing of Christian churches,” he writes.

Spaulding is correct to emphasize that within Islam there are violent and disgusting elements that largely – but not exclusively – emanate from the Wahhabi variant, a satanic creed rivalling Talmudic Judaism in its vicious contempt and disdain for non-believers. But he fails to accurately take note of the more genuine resistance put up by countries like Iran and Syria, and groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, all of which have been ruthlessly assailed by Zionist and Western destabilization schemes for regime change. Surely if Saddam Hussein and the Taliban were in bed with the globalists, they wouldn’t have been invaded and deposed. That doesn’t mean that any of these countries or groups are heroic or worthy of the kind of fawning adulation and unchecked support that some sectors of alt-media lend them, but they have been far more resistant to the globalist and Zionist power system ruling the world than any Western or Christian political entity or group, most of which cower in fear of or are willing foot soldiers of Zion.

He also fails to accurately note that Muslims have also been major targets and victims of globalism and Zionism in their own homelands, to a far worse degree than any blowback felt by citizens of the West. The suffering experienced, for example, by the general civilian populations of Iraq and Afghanistan, whose countries were invaded and ransacked beyond recognition by a coalition of Zionist-controlled Western countries on false pretences, is beyond anything most of us in the West could imagine. We’re talking millions dead and displaced, hundreds of thousands more made into orphans, and countless others crippled or diseased by shrapnel and depleted uranium contamination; entire villages demolished under a flurry of bombs, vanished from the world. Whatever genuine anti-Western “blowback” there has been as a result of the deceptively-named “war on terror,” it’s puny compared to the scale of damage done to their nations by ours over the past 16 years.

Ultimately though, on the question of migration, Spaulding is correct to caution against the naive embrace of Islam as a geopolitical ally as it exists within Western countries. The Islamic religious identity, culture and agenda conflicts with traditional Europe and there is a tendency within the political factions of Islam to seek hegemony over, rather than harmony with, its surroundings. Like the revolutionary messianic spirit of Judaism, certain Islamic currents seek to tear down “man-made” laws and impose its own “divine” vision of Shariah over their fellow Muslims and non-Muslim infidels. Muslim groups and nations, although much more aware and willing to confront Zionism than the cucked West, are generally opportunistic, self-serving and willing to sell-out to the globalist powers when it suits their interests (hence the pro-Western Gulf Arab tyrannies, and all the traitors within Saddam’s Iraq and Taliban Afghanistan who embraced the invasions there and were subsequently rewarded with political power). That also includes Iran, Hezbollah and Baathist Syria, all of which have their own sectarian interests to look after, and at various junctures collaborated with the West against regional rivals when it was politically expedient to do so.

So while Islam should not be categorized in its totality as an “enemy,” which certain neocon and Zionist interests would have us do, it is not a religion or culture that warrants trust and camaraderie within the borders of Europe. It ultimately pursues its own cultural and political agenda to the detriment of native Europeans, and in some of its extreme forms, is violently opposed to our secular way of life.


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