Jason Reza Jorjani: Neocon Entryist in the New Right?

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

I recently came across this fellow, Jason Reza Jorjani.

He describes himself as an Iranian-American of Persian and North European ancestry who is committed to promoting a Zoroastrian renaissance in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Jorjani is on the left.

He’s now the Editor-in-Chief of Arktos, a New Right publishing company based in Europe.

At the latest National Policy Institute (NPI) conference in Washington, DC, Jorjani gave a short speech outlining his vision for Arktos.

In it he pledges to affirm the Indo-European tradition and focus more academic efforts on emphasizing the contributions of Persia and India to Western thought and development, calling them “Aryan” civilizations closely linked to Europe. All well and good. But he then informs the crowd that he will, alluding to Trump’s proposed Muslim ban, seek to extirpate “apologists of Islam” within the New Right, declaring both Sunni and Shia Islam implacable foes of the West that must be defeated, presumably by military means.

In one article on RightOn.net entitled “Getting it Right on Islam,” Jorjani pleads for a “world war with Islam” and lambasts Western leaders for not being forceful enough with the Islamic world. He writes,

as a teacher of comparative religion, I can tell you that the hatred towards our civilization on the part of Muslim masses is not at all “beyond comprehension” and I “figure[d] out what is going on” a long time ago. But as easy as it is to grasp, the truth is not likely to be processed by “our country’s representatives” because in order to face it they would have to grow the backbone for a world war with Islam.

From a European nationalist standpoint, this makes no logical sense. It’s especially puzzling coming from someone purporting to be “New Right” and ostensibly in-the-know about the Jewish role in embroiling the West in Middle Eastern conflicts that serve Israel’s interests, not ours. Has he not read Kevin MacDonald’s work on the neoconservatives and their Zionist war agenda? It’s hard to conceptualize how he rationalizes this view in his brain – that the West has not been aggressive enough in its confrontations with the Muslim world – seeing as the Western powers have been incessantly bombing, occupying and meddling in various Muslim countries for decades, which intensified exponentially after 9/11. Indeed, the plan since 9/11, spearheaded by the Zionist neocons, has been for a coalition of Western “democracies” to overthrow seven Muslim and Arab regimes in 5-10 years, imposing puppet rulers that forfeit their own interests to those of the ruling circles in Israel and the West. Apparently, that’s not good enough for Jorjani, who wants more war and more bombs to be dropped on the heads of innocents. Critiquing Jorjani’s article, a commenter wrote:

So, just tell me one thing: Is this American academician actually advocating world war between “Islam” and “our civilization” (Western, liberal Atlanticist modernity)? And he denounces Islam for not being inherently progressive? What kind of ‘True Right’ is this?

Now, Jorjani is right to say that Islam is not a friend or ally of European peoples and our quest for self-determination. That religion and culture should not be embraced as an ally in Europe, but be seen as part of the cultural and ethnic replacement force being used by the Kalergiites to strip the continent of its European heritage. The often despicable behaviour of predominately Muslim Middle Eastern and North African immigrants in Europe should rightly be rebuked and their repatriation should be encouraged. But he’s way off the mark with his rabid neoconservative views on Islam as it exists in its own long-established sphere of influence in the Middle East. While Muslims and Islam pose a cultural and demographic problem in Europe, which surely must be curtailed, Jorjani goes much further than that in expressing a bloodthirsty desire to have a “world war” with Islam generally. He wants more destabilization in the Middle East, which will only lead to more migrants flooding Europe’s shores who will surely employ the argument that the NATO nations of Europe owe them for wrecking their countries.

Jorjani frantically solicits for the overthrow of the Iranian regime, an agenda that coincides perfectly with the most bellicose Zionists in Israel. Presumably he wishes to impose his own version of a pro-Western, and ostensibly Israel-friendly, Zoroastrian regime in its place. He is effectively working towards a goal that corresponds with a long-standing aim of our primary enemies, the Zionists and their cohorts, who wish to tear down both Western and Muslim societies in order to elevate their own state above all others as a global hegemon.

Essentially, Jorjani is a Persian Zoroastrian extremist and entryist working to persuade Europeans, and New Rightists, to involve themselves with his Persian-centric squabbles. He wants to use Whites as cannon fodder and shock troops for a Zionist-Zoroastrian coalition to depose Islamic governance in Iran. Jorjani may have good reason to dislike the Islamic regime in Iran for suppressing his religion, Zoroastrianism, which is more indigenous to Persia than Islam. As he notes, Islam was forcefully imposed on the Persians via the Arab Muslim conquest of that empire in 651 AD. But that’s his business, not the business of European sovereigntists who have their own issues to take care of. His utopian dream of a Zoroastrian renaissance in Iran would require further Western military aggression, and a vast “reeducation” program to exculpate Iranians’ firmly-rooted Islamic beliefs. This would significantly help our Zionist enemy further colonize the region. If he wants to offer himself up as a cat’s paw of Israel in its war against its Muslim regional competitors, then he can go get himself a rifle and head over there. But insofar as he wants the West to do his dirty work, he should be booked a one-way flight to Tel Aviv where he and Netanyahu can plan their invasion of Iran.

Jorjani is clearly more interested in the history and politics of Iran than he is of any nation in the West. As far as I know, he has never identified Jewish power as a problem, or noted their central role in the decline of the West. His silence on that crucial issue, while he manically exhorts Westerners to make war on Iran and join a “world war” on Islam, culminates in a putrid message no different than the vilest warmongering neocons. Is this really someone New Rightists think is a companion in their struggle for liberation from the “hostile elite” that has engineered the demise of Western civilization?


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