Let’s Stop Obsessing Over Semitic Disputes

Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez

Syria obsessives and Assad worshippers like Mimi Al Laham (aka “Syrian Girl”) are committed… and delusional. These people have spent the better part of the past five years incessantly musing about the battlefield minutia of that endless war – and they want to drag all of us into their Semitic squabble.

Their one-dimensional reductionism – tying everything back to Syria no matter how loosely related – is symptomatic of OCD. This Aleppo craze is especially foolish. Who cares if Assad re-takes Aleppo, or even the whole country… that won’t change a damn thing as far as the global power structure is concerned. Assad ruled Syria since 2000 and did virtually nothing on the anti-Zionist front to warrant any praise. In fact, he was chosen as an early terror war ally, happily torturing falsely accused “terror suspects” rendered to him by the CIA from 2001-2003, until he, like a trove of dictators before him, fell afoul of Washington’s schizophrenic rulers.

Morons in the “alternative” media are declaring this Aleppo surge some kind of global “turning point,” when in reality it is no more than a split-second blip on the radar screen of history that nobody will remember in a few years time.

It makes little difference who is ruling the nation of Syria, an insignificant country which for decades made no serious moves against Israel. There’s no doubt that, despite Syria’s relative passivity towards Israel, the dangerously paranoid Zionist leaders in Tel Aviv think that a strong Arab regime on its doorstep is another Holocaust in the making – and that was enough for them to hatch a plot to tear down and rip apart the country.

Yet Israel’s targets, knowing full-well who is pulling the strings behind the turmoil, are too stupid to focus on their real enemy. Revanchist Islamists and dictator-loving Arab Baathists have been manipulated to kill each other in droves. Considering realpolitik and the nature of power, both moronic factions of demented cultists have decided that they’d lose in a fight against Israel and its superpower backer, the US, so it’s easier to just slay each other than confront their real foes. And hence the current crisis, with Arabs and Muslims inflicting genocide on each other while Israel’s power increases exponentially with each passing year.

It’s a sad thing what has happened to the Middle East over the past 16 years. And it all could have been averted if people like me were in charge here in the West. But ultimately, I am not Arab, Muslim or Middle Eastern, and thus I have no stake in the outcome of the wars and disputes erupting there – which is why I have little interest in continuing to cover that area, especially after having already diagnosed the root causes of what we see unfolding across the tumultuous region.

Arabs and Muslims who come to the West, benefitting and piggy-backing on Sorosian multiculturalism, have imported their Semitic controversies here. While the Jews demand we all bow and show deference to their Holy Zionist State, the Arabs/Muslims here insist we take up their pet causes as well, and effectively become Sabbath Kafirs for Arab/Islamic interests.

I highly doubt that if most Palestinians were Buddhists, that Muslims would be out campaigning for Palestine whenever violence erupts there. Only when their religious in-group is adversely affected do they raise their voices in protest, for the most part. I don’t think you’ll ever find Arabs or Muslims protesting the white genocide in South Africa or the epidemic of (largely Muslim and Middle Eastern) migrant crime and violence in Europe.

And yet, as they clearly advertise an in-group preference with their topics of protest, they condemn whites who likewise preference their own group interests and issues above that of others, condemning it in Sorosian language as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

Muslim “truthers” want us all to choose between Islam or Zionism, bending to the will of one of these uncivilized Semitic ideologies, sacrificing our own culture to accommodate theirs. The truth is that secular Westerners should not have to choose between being ruled by Zionists who use us as cannon fodder against their Semitic foes, or be swamped with uncivilized, and often illiterate, Arabs and Muslims from the Third World. We can reject both as unhealthy and unnatural to our way of life.


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