New Guidebook for Refugees on How to Break and Enter into Europe Published

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

A Magnum photographer has teamed up with an Arab cultural fund to produce a new “guidebook” for refugees eyeing Europe for resettlement.

Entitled “Europa,” the book is described in a Time magazine article as “an illustrated guide for refugees and migrants” aiming to enter Europe illegally, advertising the countries of the continent like a menu of sumptuous meats in a deli.


The book is said to bring together “facts about Europe’s history, especially its migratory past, with current information about how European countries welcome refugees and migrants,” and is being distributed for free to NGOs, as well as to prospective migrants and refugees.

Initiatives like this are concordant with Kalergiite plans to inflict an ethnocide on White Europeans, a fulfillment of the destructive aims first articulated by the freemasonic founder of the pan-European integration project, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Today’s globalist apostles of Kalergi have proudly explicated their historic mission to extirpate European identity and expunge any sense of rootedness, culture, tradition and peoplehood among Whites in the hopes of creating a degenerated plebeian slave race conditioned with Mammonite ideals of consumerism and self-aggrandizement.

In 2012, globalist banker and leading open-borders advocate Peter Sutherland urged the EU to do its utmost to “undermine the national homogeneity of its member states.” Uber-globalist George Soros has publicly pleaded for the nations and peoples of Europe to commit collective suicide by selflessly opening their borders, their communities, and even their individual homes to millions of refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa.

The peculiarly anti-European bent of such proposals is impossible to ignore. Sutherland, Soros and company are not exerting pressure on African, Asian, or Middle Eastern countries to accept waves of foreigners into their lands. They’ve never called upon Israel, a Jewish ethno-state, to liberalize its exclusionary immigration laws, some of the most restrictive in the world. Soros is not funding NGOs to help migrants settle in Israel, but Israelis have established organizations like IsraAID that are aiding and abetting the migrant invasion of Europe.

A Haaretz article titled “By the Numbers: Israel Recognizes Less Than 1% of Asylum Seekers” highlighted Israel’s extreme unwillingness to welcome refugees into their country, officially accepting only 200 since 1951. Thousands of African migrants have entered Israel illegally in recent years, the majority of whom are quickly swooped up by Israeli police and put in holding centers that have been described as concentration camps, before being deported. Israeli politicians have publicly campaigned against the “infiltrators” who, they’ve said, are a “cancer” eating away at the ethnic character of the Jewish state, a sentiment that 52% of Israelis agree with. Mobs of angry Israeli nationalists have ransacked African businesses and shops in an anti-black Kristallnacht, and chant “niggers go home” at anti-immigration rallies.

Last year, Netanyahu initiated construction of a so-called security fence along Israel’s eastern border with Jordan, pledging to extend it around the whole country in order to keep out “wild beasts.” Meanwhile, Jewish individuals and organizations have been the chief backers, indeed the progenitors, of the dysgenic “melting pot” project for all Western societies in the hopes of weakening in-group solidarity among White Gentiles and thereby preemptively neutralizing the development of any possible ethnic antagonisms towards Jews.

The objective is not merely to make the world safe for Jews, but to harm and bring mischief to Gentiles who, one prominent rabbi declared, are pitiful “donkeys” that only exist to “serve Jews as slaves.” Jews will “sit like an effendi and eat” while Gentiles work, plow, and reap for their Semitic masters, said the ‘wise’ sage of Judaism Ovadia Yosef.


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