Pro-Rebel Islamist vs. Assad Mouthpiece – Hilarious RT Debate

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

It’s amusing to watch this white Canadian girl, Eva Bartlett, so fiercely defend a cause that is not her own. She began her quest as a globe-trotting social justice warrior in Gaza, then made her way to Syria where she has for the past several years tirelessly pumped out pro-Assad propaganda disguised as “independent journalism.”

Where will her social justice crusade take her next? Perhaps to Africa, where there are no shortage of despotic regimes looking for sympathetic, self-hating whites to take up their cause. Or perhaps she’ll head over to fun-loving North Korea, if ever that regime runs into serious troubles with the West, where Bartlett will doubtlessly take up a prestigious post in Kim Jung-un’s propaganda ministry.

This woman would never lift a finger for her own race or culture, which, as a deluded leftist, she outright detests because of “imperialism”. As a self-hating white Westerner, she’s decided to dedicate her life shilling for some Middle Eastern regime hoping to obtain Honorary Arab status.

Have a look at this hilarious RT “debate” between Bartlett and a Pakistani-looking Muslim guy from England named Dilly Hussain. It takes an ISIS-sympathizing Islamist like Hussain to actually call out Bartlett and RT’s rigorous pro-Assad bias. Hussain, while somewhat of a shill for the bloodthirsty Islamist Untermensch among the rebels, actually gets a lot right about Bartlett being little more than a drooling Assad fangirl and rank spin artist for that government’s brutal war effort.

This is a great example of a Semitic squabble that Europeans have no interest taking sides in. The Islamist in Britain should most definitely go live in the Middle East where, evidently, his heart lies – hence his intense interest in the outcome of this Syrian civil war. And let’s hope Assad grants Bartlett permanent residency status in Syria where she can live out the rest of her life as the white Western poster girl for Arab Baathism.

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