The Burgeoning Muslim-Jewish Common Front Against European Nationalism

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Jewish supremacists want goyim slaves, and radical Muslims want dhimmi serfs. So where does that leave Europeans sandwiched in between these two warring groups of Semites who both have a pathological hatred of everything European?


Despite the more modern Muslim-Jewish impasse over disputed land in the Middle East, historically their relations weren’t so strained. To Jews and their patrons among the Muslim conquerers of a previous era, Christian Europe was seen as a common anti-Semitic foe to be vanquished and subdued. For example, Moorish and Jewish cooperation during the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula (modern Spain and Portugal) was extensive. Jewish collaboration and support of the Moorish advances on the Peninsula were, in fact, crucial to the Islamic takeover. The history of this Muslim-Jewish alignment has been washed out by the globalization of the Israel-Palestine conflict. But alliances shift and take other forms in different geographic locations.

Today, Jews and Muslims may seem to be at logger heads over Palestine and other squabbles in the Middle East, but in Europe some quarters among the Jewish and Muslim leadership have put aside those differences to form a united front against European nationalism which, in various forms, has been combatting the cultural arrogance and supremacy of these two groups.

Examples of this Semitic alliance to undermine European nationalism are abundant. Al Jazeera ran an article headlined “UK Jews and Muslims team up against hate,” which noted that, “As religious tensions escalate in Europe, Muslims and Jews in North London band together to negate hate.” The article reported that some Muslim and Jewish leaders and organizations have linked arms to combat “hate crimes” in the UK. Munaf Zeena, a UK Muslim leader, said Muslims and Jews are “in the same boat” in Europe as religious minorities. Rabbi Herschel Gluck, who founded the Muslim-Jewish Forum in 2000, praised Muslims as “very good neighbours.” The report highlighted the activities of the Shomrim, a “police-trained voluntary Jewish community patrol” that safeguards Jewish interests in North London. The Shomrim “added local mosques and other Muslim institutions to the sites monitored on their patrols,” reported Al Jazeera. Elsewhere in the UK you can find Muslims running extra-judicial “Sharia patrols” in efforts to enforce their own Islamic norms and customs on native Brits. Rabbi Gluck expressed optimism about the “potential for Jewish and Muslim communities elsewhere in the world to flourish side by side” and affirmed that historically the two groups “generally got on well.”


The burgeoning Muslim-Jewish alliance in Europe goes back years. In 2010, more than 50 Jewish and Muslim leaders gathered in Brussels to forge “closer cooperation between the two communities” and “to ensure that Jews and Muslims are able to practice our respective faiths fully and unimpeded by intrusive, discriminatory and unfair governmental regulations.” Representatives of the two Semitic sides pledged to kickstart “cooperative projects … to help protect new immigrants who are threatened by hatred and xenophobia” and to bring together Muslim and Jewish youths “for joint programming.” Another organization pursuing Muslim-Jewish reciprosity within Europe is the The Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC), which describes itself as “a dialogue and leadership organisation for students and young professionals, bringing together important representatives and young leadership from Muslim and Jewish communities and beyond.”

While not totally successful, Jews have found some allies within the Muslim leadership in Europe who have agreed to more rigorously indoctrinate Muslim youths with the Holocaust religion. A 2013 Ynet News article titled “Jewish-Muslim cooperation reaches Vienna” wrote of how the head of Austria’s Islamic community, Imam Shamsi Ali, promised Rabbi Marc Schneier of New York “to promote Holocaust education among the country’s half a million Muslims.” The article highlighted some “common ground” between Muslims and Jews, both of which oppose restrictions on the barbaric, inhumane practices of male circumcision and ritual religious slaughtering of animals.

Then there’s the example of London’s new Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, who has established tight relations with the UK Jewish community. Khan wrote an op-ed for the Jerusalem Post wherein he proclaimed that as the first Muslim mayor of London he will do “more to protect Jewish Londoners from anti-Semitism than any mayor in this city’s history.” He called for “rooting out of anti-Semitism in his city and in his party.” As his first official act as mayor, Khan attended a Holocaust Memorial, yet when invited to an event commemorating the Palestinian Nakba, he declined the invitation.

Some prominent Jewish religious leaders have recognized that Jews and Muslims have a shared interest in promoting a pluralistic, multicultural Europe. One top rabbi from Russia, Pinchas Goldschmidt, told an interviewer on RT that Muslims and Jews are “natural allies” within the borders of Europe. Jews are “in the middle” of a clash of civilizations between Western secularism and Islamist fundamentalism, the rabbi said, but in Europe religious Jews find more common ground with Muslims than native Europeans. The “counter reaction of Old Europe,” such as restricting dark-age religious practices of Muslims and Jews, is what will bring the two groups together stressed the rabbi. “We see ourselves fighting together with our Muslim brothers who want a free Europe,” he concluded.

Obviously not all Muslims are as kosher and co-opted as the ones mentioned herein, but even the ones who abhor Zionism and Jewish power are hostile to European nationalism and often side with Jewish globalism against native Whites. While the Jewish elites conspire to stifle European skeptics, dissidents and nationalists who question their sacred narrative of the Holocaust, Muslims generally favour “hate speech” laws that protect their own group from criticism as well. Many Muslims are open to Holocaust revisionism, but they erupt with totalitarian fury when their religion is questioned or scrutinized. Radical Muslims react violently and demand the punishment, or even the death, of cartoonists who depict the Prophet Muhammed in a negative or mocking way. Muslim sensibilities are simply different to those of Jews, but both groups, or large segments thereof, are equally intolerant of critics and detractors who challenge narratives they view as sacrosanct. Neither has embraced the classical liberal traditions of Europe where logic, reason and rigorous scrutiny waylay superstitious and irrational beliefs, such as the impossible contention that six million Jews perished in Hitlerite gas chambers or that the “prophet” Muhammad ascended into the heavens on a winged, flying steed to meet with Allah.

Both of these groups have their own peculiarities, posing different threats to the well-being of Europe as a secular continent and homeland of the white races. Supremacist Jews wield immense political power in a destructive way, whereas non-white Muslim demographics threatens European survival on a biological level. Zionist Jews, using propaganda and deception, have dragged Western countries into an unwinnable and pointless military quagmire in the Middle East against Israel’s Arab/Muslim foes. Meanwhile, Middle Eastern and African migrants brought to Europe through Jewish lobbying have unleashed an outrageous crime wave over the past several years.

Most Muslims simply do not care if European heritage survives or not, and would rather replace our cultures with their own “superior” Islamic ones. They have no interest in helping us fend off the globalist vultures who wish to slay Europe and pick clean any remnants of identity from its rotting corpse. Many of them even yearn for a new Caliphate and a return to the glory days of Islamic empire when us European Kafirs were licking the dust off their Muhammadan feet.

We may share with them a common Zionist enemy, but the battlegrounds in which that enemy operates and executes its plans are very different. A Zionist defeat for the Muslim world would not magically make coexistence possible between them and us. If Palestinians successfully took back Palestine and drove the Jews out, would Arabs and Muslims extricate themselves from Europe and stop immigrating here? Not a chance, and therein lies the problem.


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