Truck Terror in Germany: Fallout from Globalist Wars and Open-Borders Policy

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The globalist regime of Germany is allowing its citizens to be terrorized, first by opening the floodgates of mass migration and then failing, perhaps deliberately, to stop known terror suspects under the watch of security agencies.


A Tunisian migrant has been named as the leading suspect in the Berlin truck attack in which dozens of Germans were ploughed down as they shopped in an outdoor Christmas market. Twelve have been proclaimed dead and 49 others are in hospital with injuries.

The Guardian reported some peculiarities:

Germany’s security services are under intense pressure to explain how a Tunisian man who was under covert surveillance for several months and known to multiple intelligence agencies for apparent ties to Islamic extremists appeared to fall through the cracks and allegedly carry out Monday night’s truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin.

A European arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday for Tunisian citizen Anis Amri, 24, two days after the attack in which at least 12 people were killed and dozens of others were injured. Amri is feared to be armed and dangerous, and appears to have used six different aliases and three different nationalities.

According to a senior politician in the region where he registered as an asylum seeker in Germany in July 2015, an investigation had been launched earlier this year suspecting Amri of preparing “a serious act of violence against the state”. He had been added to the government’s central terror watchlist in January and his telecommunications were under surveillance until September.

US officials said Amri was on a US no-fly list, had researched bomb-making online and been in contact with Isis at least once, the New York Times reported.

It really doesn’t matter whether this attack was made to happen or simply allowed to go forward by the German government. Either way the German government is culpable for creating the disastrous open-borders situation, purposefully making violent incidents like this more likely to happen and then failing miserably to protect their citizens.

There’s no question that people like Anis Amri are not that hard for the globalists to find and manipulate. Thousands of Western Muslims have eagerly traveled to Iraq and Syria to hew off heads for Allah. So why is it so hard to believe that some of them would do the same here? If they’re willing to butcher their own co-religionists like halal meat in a slaughterhouse over the slightest theological differences, then why wouldn’t we expect some of them to bring the same sadistic violence to European shores? The Guardian mentioned that Amri was linked up with radical Salafist mosques in Germany, which are popping up like hot cakes in a bakery thanks to Saudi and Qatari petrodollars as those backwards nations aim to colonize Europe for Wahhabist Islamic expansion. So it’s likely his radical beliefs were genuine and he believed he was acting in support of the Islamic State. All the authorities had to do was turn the other way while he planned the attack, which seems likely considering how he was under close surveillance for months.

When these things happen, false-flag obsessives like Kevin Barrett promote a skewed narrative which always makes the Muslim being blamed out to be an innocent victim of a frame-up, with the ultimate objective of smearing Islam. This Islamo-centric perspective ignores the fact that in Europe, Middle Eastern and North African immigrants have been used as pawns for the Kalergi plan to weaken indigenous cultures. The globalists’ aim in Europe is different than their aims in the Middle East. In Europe, the Kalergiite Zionist elite want Europeans dead, deracinated and subjugated under a multicultural coalition of anti-white forces with Jews at the fore, and Middle Eastern migrants serve as the brutish foot soldiers in that endeavour. In the Middle East, the same elite Zionist string pullers have used Western armies to invade and blow up countries whose leaders weren’t friendly or accommodating enough to Israel’s devious master plan to conquer the region for Jewish exploitation and despoliation. These are different strategies with different perpetrators and victims. In Europe, indigenous Whites are the targeted victims, whereas in the Middle East Arabs are.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that European politicians are helping bring in hordes of Islamist radicals and then allowing them to fester like a plague. Insofar as these moronic Islamists only carry out attacks on innocent European civilians and never the traitorous politicians who bring them here, they are sublime useful idiots for the globalist elite. By allowing these radicals to kill European civilians, the Zionist globalists are killing two birds with one stone: making Islam look savage, thereby torpedoing any sympathy Westerners may have with Israel’s victims; and killing White Europeans, whose very existence as a cohesive people/culture is considered a “threat” by the paranoid and schizophrenic hostile Jewish elite.

The logical cracks in Barrett’s position begin to show when he starts talking about the Middle East, where he has aligned himself with Iran, Hezbollah and Baathist Syria against the “Takfiri” forces fighting them. Just watch him on PressTV where he incessantly blasts the “Takfiri” ISIS, al-Qaeda and assorted Untermensch. Yet when these same Takfiri Muslims attack and kill Europeans, he immediately launches into a counter-propaganda frenzy to “debunk” their crimes as staged events engineered by Islamophobic forces in Europe. So where does he stand? It seems to me that when Europeans are the victims of murderous Islamic violence, he claims the attacks were staged by Jews and their European cohorts to smear Islam – that ISIS is just a big fable built on propaganda and deception. But when Middle Easterners are victimized by the same Muslim Untermensch, Barrett declares their victimhood real and genuine, but says it’s still the fault of the West for giving the barbarians weapons. When ISIS beheads Western journalists like James Foley, Barrett claims the videos are fake. But when ISIS beheads Syrian or Iraqi soldiers captured in battle, he says it’s real. It’s pretty obvious what he’s doing here – he’s twisting realities to deny that a Westerner can ever be a victim of a Muslim, using theories of fakery and false-flags when that victimhood is apparent. But, on the other hand, he’ll acknowledge that Muslims and Arabs can sometimes be victims of other Muslims, but usually only when those other Muslims are under mind-control of the CIA and doing its bidding, and therefore can’t be seen as accountable for their actions anyway.

While Barrett is not totally off-base in all his assertions about false-flags, some of which are real and provable, he’s pursuing an Islamic agenda which puts virtually no value on the lives of Europeans victimized by his co-religionists. In his view we are all “guilty” and must pay the price for neocon wars that have killed millions of his brethren. So any suggestion that a White Westerner could actually be a victim of a Muslim is propagandistically dismissed by him to correspond with the biased presupposition of Muslim victimhood and innocence. He is also wrong in assuming that anyone who hails from the Middle East or North Africa – regions he considers part of some pan-Islamic “Ummah” – is a victim of war or oppression. Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Iran, Oman and other Muslim countries with large diaspora immigrant populations in the West were not invaded. So why should the immigrants from these lands be considered collective victims of wars that took place in Iraq and Afghanistan? Simply because they share a religion and have a similar culture? That’s absurd.

We know that Angela Merkel and her globalist regime are committed to the destruction of Germany and the erasure of its culture from existence. By slaughtering indigenous Germans with a truck, Amri was merely executing Merkel’s program for the nation she occupies. She and other self-hating, traitorous German politicians have frankly expressed their desire to make Germans a minority in their own country. A self-hating radical from Germany’s Green Party, Stefanie von Berg, delivered a deranged speech to parliament gloating about the prospect of ethnic Germans becoming a minority in their own cities, hailing her own people’s decline as a “good” thing that should be embraced in order to create a “supercultural” melting pot.

This kind of self-hating suicidal insanity is a common, almost rudimentary belief among Germans brainwashed by Zionists to hate their own kind for the excesses of Hitler. Merkel recently said, “Islam belongs to Germany.” This may confuse people into thinking Muslims are actually powerful in the West and are pulling Merkel’s strings. This is an illusion. Germany is owned not by Muslims but by Zionist Jews who, playing out a sadistic Talmudic revenge fantasy for the “Holocaust,” have been working tirelessly to extirpate European identity and replace it with consumerism, materialism and the religions of multiculturalism and Holocaustianity. Within this arrangement, Islam is being used by anti-White Zionists as a bludgeon to smash German culture and identity.

German traitors are stating openly that their only mission in politics is to serve and advance the group interests of Jews. Martin Schultz, an influential German Social Democratic politician who heads up the European Parliament, is quoted in Haaretz saying that for him “the new [post-World War II] Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” How generous of him to grovel to his masters as they plot his people’s extinction. Gregor Gysi, a Jewish politician influential among the German Left, made public the ethnic displacement agenda when he attempted to guilt Germans with “Holocaust” references in a plea for more migrants. Jewish politicians like Gysi and powerful Jewish organizations have synchronized their efforts to open Europe’s borders to unlimited streams of immigrants, asylum seekers and squatters. They have been pressuring governments, pushing propaganda and even coordinating the logistics of the invasion with Israeli NGOs like IsraAID, which have people in places like Greece actively facilitating the migrant incursion.

It will only get worse, and Europeans will continue to be killed and displaced, unless people like Merkel are immediately thrown out of office and put in jail for their treasonous crimes.


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