Ugly Truth Retards Claim Trump’s Anti-UN Tweets Supporting Israel is a “Chess Move”

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

The “rapper-analyst” Untermensch over at the risible and inept Ugly Truth blog are trying, and failing, to spin Trump’s threatening Tweets directed at the UN.

To Trump’s great displeasure, the UN just passed a resolution demanding Israel end its illegal settlement building activity. Trump’s opposition to the resolution and promise to “change things” at the UN to help Israel dodge accountability is being spun by Trump’s Ugly Truth sycophants as a calculated “chess move” intended to “let these Zionists isolate themselves” while Trump covertly plots their demise.

Gazing into their crystal ball, the UT cultists are again employing their non-existent mind-reading intuitive abilities to create a crypto “anti-Semite” out of a philosemitic, hardline Zionist lackey. They’ve been using this dodgy, laughable and delusional method for years, especially in efforts to build up Vladimir Putin as an “anti-Zionist” crusader, a contention completely bereft of basic logic and hard facts.

Now, with the rise of Trump, they’re working with the same dysfunctional template to depict a comical Trump-Putin global alliance that will “vanquish the Great Red Dragon Marching to ZOG and help inspire others to stealthily but meticulously eviscerate all their levers of power.” This utopian propaganda is so stupid that only a gaggle of failed musicians, now trying their hand at toddler-level “geopolitical analysis,” could believe it.

Both Putin and Trump have Israel’s back, cooperating on all levels with the murderous Likud leadership to maintain that state’s infrastructure and hegemonic monopoly of nuclear, as well as conventional and unconventional, weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. There’s absolutely no reason to believe – despite the fantasist claptrap emanating from senile bloggers – that either leader is “stealthily” conspiring against Jewish interests in any meaningful way.

One of Obama’s only good policies during his presidency was his support for the nuclear deal with Iran, a move that earned him vicious scorn from the Zionist lobby and Israeli leadership, who mobilized all of their collective lobbyist, media and financial might to scuttle the historic agreement. And what do you know, Trump was one of the loudest critics and opponents of that deal from the beginning, prostituting himself out as a major public mouthpiece towing the Netanyahu line that the deal was “bad for Israel” and empowered its enemies.

It’s especially amusing to see the Ugly Truth, which is nothing more than an unregistered Arab-Islamic interest group run out of a middle-age Lebanese-American’s basement in Idaho, USA, become unrepentant shills for the most pro-Israel presidential candidate in US history.


In the one-dimensional worldview of the Ugly Truth Cult, everything revolves around Israel and the Middle East, and politicians are judged and scrutinized based on how favourable their policies are towards Arab-Islamic interests. They rigorously hold all other politicians to this skewed Semitic supremacist standard, including Obama who, having done at least a few things to curtail or somewhat slow down the Zionists’ war plans for Iran, is nonetheless ruthlessly excoriated by them as a “Zionist stooge” and “butcher” of Arabs. Yet, with schizophrenic hubris, they excuse Trump’s clear and unequivocal pro-Zionist and anti-Muslim slant, which included a proposed ban on all Islamic and Middle Eastern immigration into the US. This is simply hilarious.

But this cult is wrong to frame everything in terms of how it affects the Middle East. Why should white Westerners be more concerned with endless Semitic schisms in a notoriously troubled and discordant region over what’s taking place in their own backyard with forced mass migration of, predominately, Middle Eastern and North African Muslims who have been perpetrating an ungodly crime spree of rapes, sexual assaults, murders and terrorist violence in Western capitals?

One prominent character of the Cult, Jonathan Azaziah, is a firebrand Islamic extremist who champions armed struggle against the “Zionist Entity” and various other regimes, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that are not to his liking. Azaziah hails from a partial Russian-Jewish background, but has adopted an obnoxious Muslim identity in a similar vein to Adam Gadahn, the ADL-connected American Jew who became Al-Qaeda’s spokesman. Azaziah has pumped out various “rap” anthems exhorting the “soldiers of Allah” to do battle with sundry enemies while he is comfortably ensconced in an American city.

Why doesn’t this Islamic “revolutionary” warrior actually make good on his militant bombast and go join his “dear brothers” on the frontlines in whichever Semitic backwater he treasures most? This man cares nothing for Western civilization, and indeed gloats in its demise at the hands of his Semitic cousins – payback for “imperialism” of yesteryear. So why does he elect to live here? He calls for the expulsion of virtually all Jews from Israel/Palestine – “back to Europe where they came from” – including ones who were born there, yet he himself has no Palestinian roots. Since when does a man of Russian, Iraqi and Jewish heritage have the right to dictate the ethnic makeup of a land neither he nor his ancestors have set foot in?

Azaziah’s geopolitical “analysis” is confusing and contradictory. He previously described Al-Qaeda as a “myth” and “fiction” that “doesn’t even exist,” but is now pushing the line that the group forms the nucleus of the rebels in Syria and must be destroyed in the service of Emperor Assad. In one article he hailed the Somali-based Al-Shabab terrorist group as a glorious manifestation of “Islamic resistance” even though they have pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda and fly its black flag. He has attempted to write off all Islamic terrorism as Zionist “false flags,” including the savage Al-Shabab attack on a shopping mall in Kenya and the deadly assault in Mumbai by Pakistani militants, neither of which have substantial evidence of being anything but what they appear to be – tribal and religious violence by barbarians from failed states. One could easily pull up more examples of this, such as the 2014 massacre of 150 people, including 134 children, at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, by militants of a Taliban-offshoot; the 2007 Karsaz bombing in Pakistan, killing 150 people including the Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto; and the incalculable reign of terror perpetrated by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, in which tens of thousands of civilians have been slaughtered.

So which is it, does Al-Qaeda exist or not? Is it bad or good? Azaziah can’t seem to make up his mind. He has written that the emnity between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East is “nothing more than carefully concocted Zionist fiction,” ignoring mounds of evidence that Christians are facing brutal repression and persecution verging on genocide at the hands of Muslim governments and assorted militant groups in most Muslim-dominated parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

How can he deny a genuine rift between Christians and Muslims when as I write this radical Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Egypt, Bangladesh and other countries are hewing off the heads of Christians as well as other Muslims who they declare to be not pious enough or practitioners of a “heretical” variant of the faith. The schisms within Islam are very real, so it’s even more wrongheaded to dismiss the cleft between Islam and other faiths.

All of this clownish group’s work and activism amounts to self-serving fairy tales about Muslim-Christian unity and a multi-ethnic “Gentile alliance” against international Zionism and Jewry. But what they’re really interested in is persuading altruistic Westerners to neglect their own issues and concerns to become foot soldiers for Semitic interests abroad. They want us to “pick a side” between Muslims, Arabs and Jews in their various disputes in the desert, when the simplest, most effective and pragmatic position for Westerners to adopt is one of isolationism and non-intervention.

It’s not up to us to “save” Palestinians by taking up arms for their cause, as fanatics like Azaziah encourage people to do while he stuffs his face with cheeseburgers at Burger King. But it is incumbent upon us to propel our governments and elected officials to keep their noses out of other countries’ business. If Semites want to war until the end of time over a worthless strip of land on the coast of the Mediterranean, then they can go do that. Degenerate losers like Azaziah and Mark Glenn need to pull up their Semitic bootstraps and head over there instead of bothering us with their trivial inferences and mind-reading quackery.


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