Woman Beheaded in Afghanistan for Grocery Shopping Without Her Husband

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

What a cheerful Christmas story coming out of Afghanistan. Will the apologists say this was a “false-flag” to make Islam look bad? I’m sure they will.

A 30-year-old Afghan woman was just beheaded by men thought to be associated with the Taliban.


The barbarians hacked off her head with a bayonet attached to an AK-47, all because she was out in public without her husband, aka her ‘owner,’ who happened to be outside the country.

Under Taliban rule in Afghanistan women were treated worse than caged animals. Denied education and even freedom of movement without their ‘male guardian’ husbands, the only function of a female in Taliban-run Afghanistan was that of a sex slave.

Another bestial incident occurred in 2015 where a primitive mob beat to death a young woman and then “threw her body off a roof, ran over it with a car, set it on fire and, finally, threw it into the Kabul River” after falsely accusing her of burning the Koran. Even if she did burn the Koran, only stone-age neanderthals would consider that an unpardonable “crime” worthy of death. The woman probably denied sex to some Taliban brute who just made up some dark-age religious justification to have her “legally” killed.

In November of this year an ISIS-inspired suicide bomber detonated outside of a Shiite mosque in Kabul, killing and wounding dozens.

Back in July, ISIS claimed credit for another monstrous attack in Kabul, wherein a team of terrorists detonated explosive suicide vests amidst a large outdoor demonstration, with the explicit aim of killing as many Shiite “heretics” as possible. More than 80 were murdered in that attack.

These outrages pose a problem for those who say that all Islamic terrorism and radicalism is largely, if not entirely, a construct of “Zionist propaganda.”

The unspeakable bloodthirsty rampages of the Islamist terror group Boko Haram in Nigeria, its worst offence being the 2015 Baga massacre where Haram militants savagely slayed up to 2,000 civilians in a matter of days, cannot be written off as a “false-flag” conspiracy. And what of the devastating carnage perpetrated by the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab group in Somalia? Both insurgent groups openly advertise that they are waging holy war against “apostate” regimes and seek to replace the man-made “infidel” laws governing Nigeria and Somalia with divine Sharia. These instances of violent Islamism have never been sufficiently explained by the apologists.

There certainly have been real false-flags, some blamed on Muslims who were innocent. But there are undoubtedly also many examples of genuine radical Islamic terrorism motivated by religious fanaticism and not entirely by socio-economic or political factors.

I would concur with the observations of former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer that most so-called Islamic terrorism against the West – at least the ones that weren’t false-flags – have been targeted blowback for Western, principally American, interference in their domain. Even the more recent ones blamed on ISIS have come in response to the Western-led “coalition” air war against the group. If there was no “anti-ISIS” coalition dropping bombs on that group’s conquered territory, I doubt there would have been any ISIS-inspired attacks in Western capitals, at least not until the Salafi jihadist savages leading that organization decided to expand their Caliphate beyond the Middle East.

Scheuer wisely pointed out that “we’re creating terrorists faster than we can kill them” by invading, occupying and carpet bombing Arabs and Muslims in their own homelands. Atrocities by US and UK troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as the rape and murder of whole families by deranged marines, the imprisonment and torture of detainees in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, and other examples of war crimes, has produced an army of furious revenge-seeking Middle Eastern men who now have nothing to lose.

By supplying Israel with largesse and lethal arms to oppress and dispossess Palestinians, the West is making itself a target of angry Arabs and Muslims. By supporting medieval tyrannies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and other inhuman regimes that treat their own people like cattle, the West is opening itself up to violent blowback.

But none of that explains or rationalizes the actions of radical Muslims who, having lived comfortably in the West, in Russia or in mid-east and/or African states that weren’t invaded in the war on terror, willingly departed from safe and prosperous places to take up arms for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq as it beheads, crucifies, drowns, shoots and variously butchers thousands of people in the most gruesome displays of sadistic brutality. What motivates a young Muslim in Britain, France, Belgium or Australia to buy a one-way ticket to the ISIS “Caliphate” that pornographically broadcasts its ruthless terrorism and mass murder to the world? It can’t be much of anything but radical religion that deems such actions legitimate, and even a moral imperative to cleanse the world of disobedient, disbelieving “Kafirs” rebelling against Allah’s will.


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