Alain Soral Attacks Debate Opponent for Criticizing Arabs and Islam

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Alain Soral is an interesting philosopher and writer from France. He’s been on the frontlines alongside his good friend, the wildly popular and controversial comedian Dieudonne, in challenging the hegemony of Jewish supremacists and their Zionist lobbies in France. Soral runs the political association/publishing arm Égalité et Réconciliation (E&R) and has faced endless legal harassment for his principled activism.

Soral is a proponent of and leading ideologist behind the quasi-nationalist philosophy of “reconciliation,” which aims to bridge the cultural and ethnic divide between native French nationalists and France’s large Arab/North Africa/Muslim immigrant population, advocating the two groups form a united anti-Zionist front of like-minded Gentiles. Towards this end Soral and Dieudonne established the Réconciliation Nationale (National Reconciliation) political party in 2015.

Despite his good work on the Zionist question, Soral has grown intolerant of anyone within French nationalism who perhaps doesn’t believe his “reconciliation” and co-existence idea is possible with the masses of Muslim and Arab immigrants that have over-run their country, and who would prefer repatriation. On a recent debate show hosted by Dieudonne, Soral internalized the Semitic intolerance for opposing viewpoints by physically assaulting his opponent Daniel Conversano, an Italo-French nationalist, after the latter said that the native French are fed up with Arabs and their behaviour and want them out. Soral, who is a boxing instructor, is seen dealing a few heavy blows to the face of Conversano before leaving the stage.

This has been an increasing point of contention between Western nationalists and traditionalists, some of whom respect Islam for its social conservative qualities. Others, however, fiercely reject Islam’s presence in Europe believing it to be an alien cultural aggressor that will, if Muslims become numerous enough, ultimately seek to erase and replace European cultures and traditions with Islamic and Middle Eastern ones.

More and more I’m coming to see the truth in the latter opinion because Muslim mass immigration does not only pose a cultural problem with the importation of foreign dress and customs that weaken European identity, but also a demographic threat as most Muslim immigrants are non-whites from the Middle East as well as North and Central Africa. Accepting Muslim immigrants on the basis that they bring with them more conservative values on women, gender roles, the family, etc., is self-defeating logic which holds that native Europeans are too far gone ideologically to be saved from modernity and that we should just succumb to Soros’ plan to push Whites off their own continent.

In terms of cultural conservatism, you could make the same assertions about Hindus, Asians and Latinos who also have more traditional cultures and values as compared with Western modernity, so we may as well just welcome in all of these groups on that basis. Hell, even orthodox Judaism preaches all of those culturally conservative things that Islam does, so why not start singing the praises of that faith?

Western nationalists, at least the ones worthy of support, are not just skin-colour racists who could care less how their people behave. They are also at the spear-tip of a cultural revolution which aims to resurrect and instil better values in their people. They are pushing for a national rebirth and harken back to better times in their nations’ history when men were more masculine and women more feminine; when homosexuality, transgenderism and feminism were not glorified as they are today, but rather seen as unnatural aberrations from the norm.

Replacing Europeans with foreigners who may have better values is not the answer to the modernist juggernaught crushing Western peoples in the present era. And often these foreigners simply assimilate to and absorb the degenerate cultural habits that dominate Western societies anyway. So at the end of the day you just end up with more modernist plebs than before. Inspiring a reversion to tradition is a more logical and effective antidote to the Cultural Marxist infection eating away at Western civilization.

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