Deranged Communist is a Top Journalist for RT

Brandon Martinez / Non-Aligned Media

Some of you may have seen this eccentric commie before.


His name is Caleb Maupin, an avowed communist subversive trying to convince people he’s actually a “journalist.” He appears on RT regularly, where he praises third world dictators and whines about “fascism” taking over the world.

Perennially boycotting capitalism, Maupin refuses to get a haircut and evidently doesn’t pay his utility bill.

In one interview from 2013, Maupin lays out his vision for building a “Soviet America” while camped out on someone’s lawn.

Where the hell is Joseph McCarthy when you need him?


Of course, like all good commies, Maupin swoons over the last holdouts of the failed ideology in North Korea and Cuba. In one screed Maupin argued that South Korea is not as “democratic” as it has been made out to be in some delusional effort to exalt the even more repressive North. Here the impassioned commie pleads for friendship with the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” the friendly sounding official title of North Korea.

Man, this guy doesn’t do much to hide his sympathies. Looking like a ginger ISIS militant in this appearance, he calls for North Korea’s Kim-Jung Un to be named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2012, in honour of his “great achievement” of sending a satellite into orbit.

Maupin also works and commentates for Iran’s PressTV, and goes to the country frequently to attend conferences. I guess he doesn’t see the contradiction in making common cause with a regime that executed thousands of communists in the 1988 Khomeniite political purges and which outlaws their parties and ideology, pegging them atheist subversives to the religious order.

As a rockstar of the global workers revolution, Maupin managed to score a bombshell Guatemalan wife, probably a former Marxist guerrilla fighter in the jungles of that failed state.

It is pretty ironic but not surprising that while RT constantly rails against “fascism” and “Nazism” in Ukraine, labeling Ukrainian politicians who refuse to become servants of Moscow “Nazis,” they continue to employ a fervent communist hack who exalts history’s worst mass murderers and most oppressive regimes.


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